For those who haven’t read the latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen, you can read Chapter 143 at Manga PLUS! I have been thinking a lot of possibilities of what might happen in the game and what could possibly be the purpose of this game for Itadori as well as the other jujutsu sorcerers. I wanted to point out that the Culling game which brain-kun came up with is a bloody massacre of jujutsu sorcerers. It could be also called the survival of the fittest or the hunger games. It will basically bring devastation to the jujutsu world especially risk to weak sorcerers and curse users. The Shibuya arc is the stepping stone for Itadori, much like an experiment that brain-kun do to assess Sukuna’s strength and intentions.

1.Players move inside a barrier within 19 days of awakening.

2.If players refuse to participate, they will lose their cursed technique.

3.Anyone who enters a barrier of Game of Death will be considered a participant.

4.Players get points by killing other players.

5.Points are given by the game master according to the players’ lives. Non-shamans are worth 1 point, and shamans are worth 5 points.

6.The players who attain 100 points over the worth of their own lives can negotiate rules with the game master.

7.The addition of rules will be allowed if it does not greatly interfere with the continuation of the game.

8.If a player fails to acquire any points for19 days after acquiring their cursed technique or joining the game, they will lose their cursed technique.

Sr. No. Matches Winner
#1 Gheto VS Itadori
OCT 31,2018
#2 Gheto VS Itadori
OCT 31,2018

Sr. No.MatchesWinner