Super Smartphone Manga Comes To An End With Chapter 23 & Fans Are Not Happy

Final volume of manga will release in January.

Super Smartphone manga

Hiroki Tomisawa and Kentaro Hidano’s mystery suspense manga, Super Smartphone, officially concluded with the release of chapter 23 in issue# 46 of Weekly Shonen Jump that was published on Oct 17, 2022.

The manga will get its second volume release in December, and the third volume in January 2023. The third volume, which is also the final volume of the manga, will contain a new epilogue.

Fans were definitely not happy with the manga’s premature axing (from the comments in the final chapter) and were of the opinion that the ending of the manga was way rushed and that Shonen Jump should’ve provided enough time for Super Smartphone manga to get a much satisfying ending.

“A cliffhanger ending. Not so cool. So it wasn’t enough chapters for the author to wrap up this on a more satisfying way. I liked this series, it was intriguing. Unfortunately it got grinded in a corporate machine”

“It‘s too bad that the author had to pull out this twist at an unnatural time… it would have been cool if that came around more naturally by allowing the series at least some more chapters.”

There were also fans who compared the manga to Death Note, or more precisely, a manga that could’ve been the next Death Note.

“this was meant to be the next Death Note. what a shame”

“Ugh. What a disappointment. They took the next Death Note and just castrated it.”

Super Smartphone ended with “Read more in the graphic novel release,” which many fans took as a beacon of hope.

“tbh, concept wise, it was a good manga. will read the graphic novel when it’s out.”

“I want to read the graphic novel…”

At the same time, another reader was of the opinion that it was pointless to abruptly end the manga if it was going to continue in any way, probably pointing to the graphic novel.

So, if this continues in some way, then why rush the story in the first place?

Super Smartphone Manga

Super Smartphone manga began serialising in Weekly Shonen Jump from May 9. Viz Media and Manga Plus are publishing chapters of the series in English simultaneously with the Japanese release.

MangaPlus summarises the plot of the manga as:

What would you do if you had a smartphone that let you look up anything? Secret documents, security camera footage, a certain person’s text messages, where people dropped money… This smartphone lets you do the impossible! Jump’s newest suspense thriller begins!

Source: MangaPlus

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