Student Commits Fraud To Purchase Anime Goods Worth 1.34 Million Yen

The suspect used the card information of ten people to buy anime merchandise.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department revealed on Tuesday, Feb 22, 2022, that a third-year student of Nihon University was arrested for fraudulently purchasing anime goods worth 1.34 million yen using someone else’s credit card information.

The fraudulent behavior came to light when the perpetrator, Tomoya Konishi (21), illegally purchased four famous anime limited-edition watches worth about 170,000 yen on a mail-order site using stolen credit card information in April 2021.

Konishi was suspected of prying on his coworker’s card information in the changing room of a Chinese restaurant where he worked part-time. Using the card information of ten people he bought anime merchandise worth 1.34 million yen.

According to the investigation, the suspect admits the suspicion, reported Tokyo Police Department. Konishi claimed, he was taught how to make money at a drinking party by another student from the same department.

Source: TBS news

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