Sony Music Entertainment Launches New Manga App ‘Comic Rolly’

Setting foot into the world of manga, Sony Music Entertainment announced on their official website that they have launched a new manga app, called “Comic Rolly,” for iOS and Android devices on Aug 1, 2023.

comic rolly

The app aims to offer users with an enhanced digital comic reading experience, featuring full-color vertical-scrolling comics called “webtoons,” as well as various other electronic comics that can be enjoyed on smartphones and tablets.

The name “Comic Rolly” is derived from the concept of three “rolls.” It represents the flowing reading experience of webtoons, the imagery of traditional Japanese scrolls, and the role it plays in connecting creators and readers.

To commemorate its launch, Sony Music Entertainment revealed that all users who download “Comic Rolly” app within Aug 1, 2023, to Aug 8, 2023, will receive 300 coins that can be used in the app!

The manga line-up in the app will include original works in addition to popular works, with a wide range of genres to cater to diverse tastes, including romance, fantasy, isekai, action, drama, horror/mystery, sports, gourmet, underground society, and historical settings.

Comic Rolly

The app also features numerous free comics, allowing users to access these works without any account registration. Additionally, the “Charge ¥0” option ensures that users can enjoy a variety of works completely free of charge every day, with the next chapter accessible after a short 23-hour wait.

Among the highlights of “Comic Rolly” are the 13 works currently in progress based on novels from the popular posting site “monogatary.com.” These include “The End of the World and the Goodbye Song” (Sekai no Owari to Sayonara no Uta) which served as the inspiration for YOASOBI’s hit ‘Encore’, among others.

The app also features exclusive and early access releases, including the comic adaptation of the novel series’, namely Keichi Shigure Sawa’s “Rei no sekai,” and Keiichi Sigsawa and Kouhaku Kuroboshi’s “Kino’s Journey“.

Mr. Shigeru Murata, Head of the Digital Contents Department at Sony Music Entertainment provided his comment regarding the new venture. Check it out below:

Sony Music Group started as a music business and expanded into various genres such as anime, games, artists, live events, broadcasting, and publishing. He mentioned that their ebook store “Reader Store,” operated by SME, has provided a platform to offer the knowledge and emotions that “books” bring as a new meeting place, utilizing digital technology.

With the prevalence of smartphones, social media, and subscription services, the environment and preferences of users surrounding electronic books, especially digital comics, have significantly changed. Now, the world is accessible in the palm of our hands. The ’empathy that comics foster, transcending race and gender, can be considered a universal language. Comics, like music, anime, and games, have the power to invigorate the world.

The platform ‘Comic ROLLY’ has been created to deliver the excitement of this fantastic entertainment in a more comfortable and inspiring way. It also serves as a new space for creators to express themselves.

‘Comic Rolly’ is the fruit of our desire to “enrich people’s lives.

Source: Official Website