Shonen Jump+ Editor Reveals New AI Support Tool For Manga Creation


In the midst of the high tension between illustrators and voice actors with AI, Shonen Jump+ editor-in-chief Yuta Momiyama revealed a new AI support tool to help with the creation of manga on May 11, 2023.

Momiyama took to his Twitter to introduce the new tool called ‘ComicCopilot‘, which utilized ChatGPT to help the mangaka with the ‘tedious task of manga creation’ along with providing consultations in coming up with ideas.

It was developed in collaboration with the editorial department of Shueisha’s JUMP+.

Manga creation AI Comic Copilot

While one might think why not use ChatGPT directly, to them the creator Kensu replied saying that “there are many people who say they can’t use it [ChatGPT] because of its English interface or because it allows them to write too freely, so I think it would be beneficial just for that reason alone. What it can do is simply support for the parts of manga production that are a bit troublesome.
For example, adjusting dialogue. A comic must have good, clear, straightforward text in the speech bubbles. They really have to try to cut even a single character or think of several phrases.

The AI tool comes with a variety of features such as helping come up with a theme, manga title, character name, dialogue suggestions, name for a special move, feedback on the idea, among others.


In the above image posted by Momiyama, the AI can be seen suggesting various themes such as a detective story in which a private tutor solves a mysterious case that occurs around a student, and also one where the spirit of a famous detective writer from the past gives tips and teaches the tutor and students on how to solve cases.

The tool can be used by the budding manga artists publishing their works on Shonen Jump Rookie.

Through ComicCopilot, Shonen Jump hopes to help manga artists create new works one after another and make the manga industry even more exciting, and also to help expand human creativity using the cutting-edge technology.

ComicCopilot uses the knowledge and opinion of the Shonen Jump+ editors and use it to provide with the best service for the aspiring mangaka.

In the past, Oda had used ChatGPT to help come up with a super fun and entertaining plot idea for One Piece manga.

The use of AI in the industry had been highly debated, with the illustrators calling out users of image generating AI software for using their works without permission, and also made an appeal regarding the copywrite violation on their works by AI.

Source: Twitter, ComicCopilot

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