Shonen Jump+ Adds New Feature To Send Fan Letters To Authors Online

The fan letters will be reviewed by the editorial department before being forwarded to the author.

Shonen Jump Plus

Shonen Jump+ has added a new feature to both its app and website, which allows fans to send online fan letters to authors of the manga being serialized on the platform. A new ‘Send Fan Letter’ button is now available on the landing page of a title.

On clicking the button, fans are redirected to a Google Form, where they can enter their comments and impressions, which will be forwarded to the author.

Shonen Jump fan letter
Google Translated version of the title page with fan letter button

“You can send us your impressions and messages of support for our works by filling out this form,” the description on the form reads.

The messages will be first reviewed by the editorial department, before they are forwarded to the author of the respective works.

“Your comments and messages will first be reviewed by the editorial department. Please understand that we may not always be able to send your message to the artist afterwards. Please note that we will not be able to reply to or respond to any questions, comments, requests, complaints, etc. other than your comments or messages of support, even if you send them via this form,” the message on the Google Form read.

The editorial team might use these fan letters in future advertisements of the series, if the users agree to it.

Fan letter google form Shonen Jump+

The online fan letter feature is currently available only in the Shonen Jump+ app and website, and not on Manga Plus and other manga platforms of Shueisha.

Fans can still send a fan letter by mail, by addressing it to the editorial department of Shonen Jump+.

Shueisha launched its Shonen Jump+ platform in September 2014. Currently, there are 70 works that are being serialized on the platform. The number of one-shots that were published in 2021 were 368, an all time record.

Among the current works that are serialized on the platform, Spy x Family and Kaiju no. 8 have gained popularity. Chainsaw Man Part 2 is also currently serializing on the platform.

Source: Shonen Jump+ official website

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