Shogakukan’s MangaOne App Becomes MangaNyan On Cat Day

Five cat mangas will be available for free from 0:00 to 23:59.

Publishing giant Shogakukan‘s mobile manga app service MangaOne turns into “MangaNYAN” for Feb 22, 2022, to celebrate Cat Day (“two” sounds like nyā, “meow,” in Japanese).

To commemorate the day to the fullest, MangaOne has released five cat mangas for free from 0:00 to 23:59.

MangaNyan free release works are Being a servant of a cat by Yu Kasuga, Cat on the Hero’s Lap by Kosuke Iijima and Shiori, Isekai Cat and a Grumpy Witch by Hiro Kashiwaba, Neko, Hajimemashita by Konomi Wagata, and After God by Sumi Eno.

Neko, Hajimemashita will be posted up to chapter 71 for free.

The “look ahead” function will not be available for use in case of the free release.

MangaOne is a mobile manga reader app where users can read Shogakukan mangas online for free. The app has exceeded 20 million downloads in total in 2019.

Source: Comic Natalie