Shinpei Watanabe’s Ginka & Glüna Manga Ends With Chapter 29 & Fans Are Disappointed

Ginka & Gluna

The official Twitter account of Manga Plus announced on April 10, 2023, that Shinpei Watanabe’s Adventure manga Ginka & Glüna came to an end with the publication of chapter 29.

The final chapter was published in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #19, and simulpub on Shonen Jump & Manga Plus.

Fans were disappointed by the abrupt ending of the manga. They were of the opinion that the manga had the potential to become one of Shonen Jump’s next big series.

The fans were especially enraged as this was not the first time the publisher cancelled potential manga. Manga like Ayashimon, Super Smartphone, Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin, Hunter’s Guild: Red Hood were among the many that were hit with a similar fate.

Some were also concerned regarding its copyrights of character designs belonging to Shueisha, saying that they are going to do nothing with it. They also hope that the author will return with a new manga soon.

Checkout how fans are reacting to the cancellation of the manga below:

Ginka & Gluna Manga Ends

Ginka & Gluna Manga Ends

Ginka gluna cancelled

Ginka & Gluna Manga Ends

Ginka & Gluna Manga Ends

Ginka & Gluna Manga Ends

Ginka & Gluna Manga Ends

Ginka & Glüna is a manga written and illustrated by Watanabe Shinpei. The series started serializing in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on Sep 12, 2022.

As of Sep 13, 2022, the manga have a total of 200,000 copies in circulation from Volume 1-2.

The 3rd volume of the manga will release in June, 2023, and the 4th volume will release in September 2023.

Source: Twitter

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