Shinkai’s Suzume No Tojimari Anime Film Gets Screened Free For Fans In Assam

Assam Suzume Movie Screening

Makoto Shinkai’s latest work, Suzume no Tojimari, was one of the most anticipated anime films in India, with fans all over the country waiting eagerly to catch it on the big screen. And thanks to the collaborative efforts between Spiel Times and Assam Senpai Society, around 250 anime enthusiasts from Assam had the opportunity to watch the spectacle on the big screen, absolutely free of cost.

Assam Suzume Movie Screening

The movie was screened in Cinepolis Cinema Hall in Guwahati on April 21, 2023, the same day the movie released in the country.

The seats were booked pre-hand and then distributed to the participants through various events that were conducted by the organizers.

Cosplayers and fans from different anime clubs, including Assam Cosplay Community, Silchar Otaku Community, Assam Anime Club, Cotton Anime Society and others, were among the attendees present for the screening.

Assam Suzume Movie Screening

A pre-show event hosted by Zahra Shaikh from Assam Senpai Society and a post screening photoshoot event were also conducted. Attendees took home collectibles including a Suzume poster. An exclusive #Northeastindiawantsanime T-shirt was also handed out to the winner of the quiz contest that was held during the screening.

The Cinepolis staff were also felicitated at the event with a Phulam Gamusa, a cultural symbol of Assam, for their help in organizing the screening of Suzume no Tojimari.

The screening meant a lot to the fans of the state because, even though anime sub-culture is pretty mainstream in Northeast India, the number of cities screening anime films pale in comparison.

Assam Suzume Movie Screening

Anime Senpai Society is a local organization that dedicates itself to the promotion of anime and Japanese culture as a whole. While they had organized multiple online events in the past for their 2000 member strong Discord community, this is only the second offline event that they have successfully conducted.

Spiel Times is a news website founded by Pingal, and which has its roots in North East India. It started out focusing on gaming related stories and eventually branched out to Anime, pop culture and other segments. The organization is currently venturing into event management while keeping writing as its cornerstone.

Pingal one day aims to bring Makoto Shinkai to the state, a promise which embodies Spiel Times’ dedication to bring all things that Shinkai and Anime symbolically represent.

Source: Press Release

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