Rihito Itagaki Joins Cast Of And Yet, You Are So Sweet Live-Action

The film will release in Japan on March 3, 2023.

The official website of And Yet, You Are So Sweet live-action film announced on Sep 28, 2022, that Rihito Itagaki has been cast to play the role of Soma Tezuka.

Tezuka is Maaya’s classmate and has a secret crush on her. He is also the rival of Chigira.

A character visual as well as Rihito Itagi’s comment on his role has also been revealed.

Rimitsu Itagaki As Souma Tezuka


When I received the offer, I did not want the story to be just a sweet and sour one.
The role of Tezuka is not only a rival to Chiki, but also a catalyst for Chiki and Maaya’s love and friendship, so it is a little more complicated than just a simple conflict. I discussed this point with the director and carefully created each scene.
However, there were many points that made me uneasy, such as the “kyun” part, but thanks to Kyohei’s ability to attract and embrace people, I was able to work with the cast members of the same generation while having fun and enjoying our youth.
I am sure that the cast’s teamwork is evident throughout the play, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

It was previously revealed that the main characters Maaya Kisaragi played by Mei Hata and Sui Chigira played by Naniwa Danshi member Kyōhei Takahashi.

The film will be directed by Takehiko Shinjō, with Haruka Okita serving as the scripwriter. The film will be distributed by Shochiku.

 The film will release in Japan on March 3, 2023.

And Yet, You Are So Sweet Manga

The official website describes the plot for And Yet, You Are So Sweet as:

Maaya (Meiku Hata) is a high school sophomore whose first confession of love in her life has been rejected.
When she is downhearted, she is seen by Chiki (Kyohei Takahashi), the ace of the track team and the most handsome boy in school. For some reason, Chikki-kun, who is popular with the ladies but is always salty toward those around him, proposes to Maaya that they play “one-sided love game”! He says, “Why don’t you have a crush on me instead of forcing yourself to find someone you like? The conditions for playing “kata-jo-yoso” were that she must never fall in love with him and that he must not find out about it. Although it is a promise not to fall in love, Maaya’s feelings are gradually shaken by her secret relationship with Chikki-kun, who is kind and too sweet only for her….
What are Chikki-kun’s true feelings for her? What will happen to their love…?

And Yet, You Are So Sweet manga was written by Kujira Anan. It is being serialized in Kodansha’s Dessert magazine. A total of seven volumes have been published as of yet.

The 7th volume was published on June 13.

Source: Official Website

©2023 “And yet, Chikki-kun is too sweet.” Production Committee ©Anan Kujira / Kodansha

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