Right Wing Political Commentator Matt Walsh Calls Anime ‘Satanic’, Gets All Sarcastic As Criticism Builds Up

Matt Walsh

Right-wing political commentator and author Matt Walsh recently answered a question about his thoughts on anime in a livestream, saying that he believed anime to be ‘satanic’ and that adults shouldn’t be watching it.

He however, added that he has no justification as to why it’s Satanic, and to him it just “seems that way”. He also termed anime to be bizarre and creepy.

Walsh began trending as his take on anime spread online. As the criticism against him for his opinion increased, he put out tweets, which seemed to suggest that he was being sarcastic about the ‘satanic’ part.

Or maybe not…

In yet another tweet, whose seriousness was hard to discern, Walsh termed all cartoons, and not just anime, as satanic.

The Daily Wire columnist also took a jibe at the news reporting media, who tried to make a news out of a 30 second clip of his, instead of focusing on something else.

He also thanked his colleagues at the Daily Wire for having his back, because otherwise it would be “tantamount to workplace violence”.

There were also people who disagreed with Walsh was trying to pull. And they got equally dubious responses.

This isn’t the first time anime and politics have intersected in the United States. In a memorable incident, Eric Trump posted a tweet implying that Americans are being manipulated by Google to associate mobs with Mob Psycho anime. His tweet made the anime trend even more in the states.

In a more recent event, Republican representative Paul Gosar posted a political parody of Attack on Titan’s first opening sequence on his Twitter. His political rivals appear in the video as Titans, who are then killed in the opening sequence.

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