Popular Manga Artists Reveal Hectic Schedule Of Manga Industry After Gege Akutami’s Hiatus Announcement

A mangaka asks the editor that if he can guarantee that the mangaka will be able to earn 1.14 billion yen for 6 million copies if he drops the manuscript weekly!

Following the announcement of popular manga Jujutsu Kaisen going on hiatus, which became a trending topic on the Internet, ‘behind the scenes’ life of popular manga artists of “Weekly Shonen Jump” who could not take a break have come to the fore.

Recent tweets from “Rokudenashi Blues” and “ROOKIES,” mangaka Masanori Morita shows how strict the editors are at “Shonen Jump”.

According to the tweet on 11th June, while Morita was working on a chapter of “Beshari Gurashi” at Weekly Shonen Jump(Shueisha), he felt he couldn’t draw at a weekly pace. When he asked his editor to change the serialization to “every other week”, instead of looking out for him the editor replied, ” Jump is weekly”.

Without a doubt, Morita didn’t get any encouragement from the editors to work at his own pace. Nonetheless, his manga was transferred to “Weekly Young Jump”.

But the industry believes that times have changed. Now the editorial department of “Jump” has become more considerate to take “decisive” measures to produce the best out of their artists.

The recent one-month suspension of Jujutsu Kaisen manga is an example. It was the editorial department of the series who proposed “a coherent suspension”.

On the topic of announcement of author Gege Akutami‘s indefinite hiatus, the mangaka revealed that the editorial department had been inquiring about the suspension of publication for some time. A chapter which used draft pages as panels was a shock, and not only many fans but also manga artists have raised voice on the net on this matter.

“Love Hina” author Ken Akamatsu on Twitter said, that manga authors have to do a lot of work in Jump because they do not show swimsuit idols on the cover like magazines and ‘Sundays’. Even though the magazines have a fixed suspension system from a long time, Jump doesn’t allow that.

Keishu Ando, ​​the author of “Ultimate !! Hentai Kamen,” did not falter to ask the person in charge that if he can guarantee that the mangaka will be able to earn 1.14 billion yen for 6 million copies if he drops the manuscript weekly!

It is known that old manga artists were amazing to keep up the weekly rush, but many are short-lived. Nonetheless, many mangakas value their health over creativity which the Editors should acknowledge. The Manga Artists seem to agree to the proposal for more “cohesive suspensions” as norm for better quality of their works.

Source: Nikkan Sports, Otakomu

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