Pony Canyon Of Attack On Titan Fame Merges With Q-Tech

Memory Tech owns both the companies and revealed the news officially.

The two of the biggest anime post-production companies, Pony Canyon Enterprises and Q-Tech will merge together to form Coop Co, Ltd. The news was announced by both the companies and their parent company Memory Tech.

The merger will take place on October 1, 2022.

The current president and CEO of Q-Tech, Tomonori Kosako will be the new CEO and president of Coop Co., Ltd. Whereas, Yasuyuki Nishiya, president and CEO of Pony Canyon Enterprises will be the Managing Director.

Q-Tech is one of the major Japanese video recording, editing, and manufacturing companies specializing in anime related post-production.

Pony Canyon Enterprises is another major post-production company specializing in video editing and authoring, subtitles and dubbing, encoding and authoring videos for distribution.

Memory Tech acquired Pony Canyon Enterprises from Pony Canyon in 2018. The purpose of this acquisition was to merge the two companies and strengthen the animation and video business and create synchronous working environment.

Source: Animation Business