Pokémon Based Original Live-Action Drama Reveals New Trailer

The official Twitter account of Pocket ni Boken o Tsumekonde (Pack Your Pockets With Adventure) revealed new trailer on Oct 5, 2023.

Pocket ni Boken o Tsumekonde is the first ever Japanese live-action drama adaptation which is based on Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green games.

The drama series will start airing on Oct 19, 2023, on TV Tokyo’s “MokuDora 24” time slot.

It was previously revealed that the lead role will be portrayed by Nanase Nishino, a member of the renowned idol group Nogizaka46, who will play the character named Madoka Akagi.

Pack Your Pockets With Adventure visual

Other cast members include:

  • Sho Kasamatsu as Kageaki Hiyama
  • Tomoharu Hasegawa as Kazuchika Kogusuri
  • Aya Hirano as Yoko Meguro
  • Ryo Sekoguchi as Yuki Koide
  • Towa Watanabe as Sora Karasawa
  • Muga Tsukaji as Koichi Yadoya
  • Rio Uchida as Midori
  • Eriko Sato as Masako
  • Toshiro Yanagiba as Okido

The plot follows the story of Madoka Akagi, who chases her dream of becoming a creator as she moves to Tokyo. Her life, which was shaped by playing Pokémon games with her sibling in her childhood, takes a new turn after 20 years when she receives a Game Boy Pocket and starts playing “Pocket Monsters Red”.

Pack Your Pockets With Adventure is a drama series produced in collaboration between TV Tokyo and The Pokémon Company.

Shota Hatanaka of BABEL LABEL will be in charge of the drama’s planning, production and scripts.

Source: Twitter

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