Pikachus Dance To Iconic ‘Sakura Sakura’ Song In A New Video

Sakura Sakura is popular springtime song in Japan.


A new video of the Japanese cherry blossom song “Sakura-Sakura” is catching the attention of audiences thanks to the three Pikachus that feature in it, dancing to the tune of the iconic song.

The three pokemons, especially the Pikachu in the center with a sakura accessory on its forehead, dance in a way that is very similar to Nihon Buyo, a classical dance style in Japan.

However, in between the verses, the Pikachus also throw in some energetic steps matching the burst of lively music that plays.

The video was uploaded to the Pokemon Kids TV YouTube channel on March 19, 2022. The description says that the Pikachus are excited to see the Kawazu Cherry Blossoms. The Kawazu cherry blossom trees bloom a little earlier than the other trees, usually in early February. It also lasts longer, blooming period for about 1 month depending on temperature

“Here’s a dance video of three Pikachus dancing to “Sakura Sakura”! Pikachu and his friends are so excited to see the Kawazu cherry blossoms,” the description read.

“Sakura-Sakura” is a popular springtime song in Japan, used frequently as an audio representation for Japan in everything ranging from documentaries to travelogues and video games. And as springtime is just around the corner, the song has inspired a new video incorporating from graceful dance steps from Pikachus.

Pokemon, being a globally popular franchise, has made frequent appearances in pop culture and other fields in Japan, including Pokemon themed airplanes, parks and stores. Last year, the franchise, which was celebrating its 25th anniversary, also teamed up with Japan Sumo association.

Source: YouTube, SoraNews

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