Parasite Film’s Korean Distributor CJ Entertainment Announce Partnership With Toei Animation

The companies plan to start releasing works together in 2023.

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Toei Animation Co., Ltd. announced through a Press Release on Tuesday that they concluded a strategic business alliance agreement with CJ ENM Co., Ltd., a Korean entertainment company to jointly plan and produce transmedia content for the global market on October 8th.

The companies plan to start releasing works together in 2023.

Their primary target will be particularly in Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe.

The partnership aims to create three kinds of content: entirely new works, animated adaptations of previous hits, and live-action adaptations of previous hits.

CJ Entertainment funded and distributed the Oscar-winning film “Parasite“, as well as such films and television series as “On the Line” and “Crash Landing On You” in South Korea.

They are also looking forward to proceeding with discussions with JK FILM, a subsidiary of CJ ENM, and Skydance, an overseas partner.

Takashi Washio, the executive producer of Toei Animation, said, “We have been delivering works to Asia, but we would like to convey them to the world, especially young people in Southeast Asia.”

CJ ENM’s Managing Director Lee Zhao said, “Toei Animation’s IP has a wide and strong fan base, from children to adults all over the world. So when it comes to transmedia development into dramas and movies, it has a huge ripple effect.

We can do our best. Similarly, we hope that CJ ENM’s more than 5,000 IPs will be a treasure trove of infinite imagination for Toei Animation. “

Source: Toei Animation Press Release

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