Paper Shortage Forces Manga Publisher To Delay Two Titles

Industries across Europe are facing similar paper crunch.

Manga overwork

Kaze Manga, a French publishing agency, revealed on their official website that a paper shortage forced them to delay the launch of two manga that were supposed to release in April, by a month.

Kaze Manga was planning to reboot vampire mystery series, MoMo: The Blood Taker, and boys love series, Cherry Magic! Thirty Years Of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard? in large format (14.9 cm x 21.0 cm format) as part of their 10th anniversary of manga publishing.

However, according to Kaze, the “paper rolls for the large format will not be at the printers in time for the series to appear in April,” forcing them to shift the launch of these titles to May.

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Source: Kaze Manga

That said, the second volume of both these manga won’t face a delay and will be published on time. They are currently listed for release in June 2022.

Industries across Europe have been facing a paper shortage, thanks to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pine.org reported. According to them, this can be attributed to the pandemic and “issues related to staffing, shipping, and the demand for source paper materials”.

Kazé is a French publishing company that specializes in anime and manga. Situated in Paris, the company is currently owned by the Crunchyroll EMEA division of Crunchyroll, which became a subsidiary of Sony’s joint venture anime business Funimation Global Group.

Kaze Manga publishes in Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Austria.

Source: Kaze Manga Official Website

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