Ouran Highschool Host Club’s 2nd Musical Reveals PV & Cast

The official website of Musical Ouran Highschool Host Club revealed a new Promo Video on Aug 19, 2022. The PV introduces the cast involved in the second musical of the franchise.

The cast can be seen in their character’s attire in the video.

Ouran highschool host club musical
Ouran highschool Host Club musical

The cast involved in the Musical Ouran Highschool Host Club f includes:

  • Haruhi Fujioka: Yuka Yamauchi
  • Tamaki Suoh: Junya Komatsu
  • Kyoya Ohtori: Masamichi Satonaka
  • Hikaru Hitachiin: Yu Futaba
  • Kaoru Hitachiin: Kaname Futaba
  • Mitsukuni Haninotsuka: Ginga Shitara
  • Takashi Morinozuka: Shogo Tazuru
  • Umehito Nekozawa: Shoichiro Oumi
  • Renge Houshakuji: Mizuki Saito
  • Yasuchika Haninotsuka: Kaito Kumagai
  • Satoshi Morinozuka: Tatsuki Okubo
  • Michel: Takei Mirano

The second musical of the series will be first held at Tokyo’s Tennozu Galaxy Theatre from Dec 2-11, 2022, before making its way to Sankei Hall Breeze in Osaka on Dec 17 & 18, 2022.

Kazuhito Yoneyama will serve as the director, with Mook Akazawa as the scriptwriter. Yu (Vague) will be in charge of the music for the musical.

Ouran High School Host Club is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Bisco Hatori, and serialized in Hakusensha’s LaLa magazine between the September 2002 and November 2010 issues.

The series follows Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student at Ouran Academy, and the other members of the popular host club. The romantic comedy focuses on the relationships within and outside the Club and satirizes the clichés and stereotypes that endure in shōjo manga.

The manga has been adapted into a series of audio dramas, an animated television series directed by Takuya Igarashi and produced by Bones, a Japanese television drama series, a 2012 live-action film adaptation, and a visual novel by Idea Factory.

Source: Official Website

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