Oscar Nominated Japanese Animator Wins Lifetime Achievement Award In Slovakia

Koji Yamamura provided Background art to globally famous anime called Saint Seiya.

Koji Yamamura

The Japanese animator, Koji Yamamura, won a Lifetime Achievement Award during the 16th Biennial Of Animation Bratislava function in Slovakia. The award states “A significant personality whose works perfectly connect artistic and film qualities and reach children’s viewers “.

The award itself is titled as Prix Klingsor.

The award function was held from October 3 to October 9. Koji was previously awarded in 2008 by the Beinnial of Animation Bratislava the award “Albin Brunovsky Honorary Model“. It is given to filmmakers for their overwhelmingly artistic and distinguished contribution in the field of animation.

Furthermore, Koji’s Dozens Of Norths (Ikuta No Kita) anime movie won the Contrechamp Award at this years Annecy International Film Festival. It also won the Grand Prize for Feature Animation at Ottawa International Film Festival.

Koji Yamamura

Koji’s other award-winning and nominated shorts include “Muybridge’s Strings,” “A Country Doctor,” “Satie’s Parade,” and “Notes on Monstropedia.” Yamamura himself received the Kawakita Award in 2012.

He was nominated for the Academy Awards in the director’s category for an anime short film called Atma-Yama in 2003.

In his initial days of career he even provided Background art to globally famous anime called Saint Seiya.

The Biennial of Animation is the longest running festival of animated films in Slovakia. The committee was formed in 1985 and in 1991, it received an international film festival status.

The Biennial Of Animation worked closely with UNICEF since its inception and is part of ECFA (European Children’s Film Association) since 2018.

Their main aim is to promote animated movies along with educating the viewers about this art through their content and forum.

Source: Biennial of Animation Bratislava’s website

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