One Piece Theory | Zoro’s connection with Oden and Enma.

Zoro in wano arc one piece

The most anticipated Wano arc of One Piece is at its climax right now in the One Piece Manga. The anime has also started new episodes after a halt due to ongoing COVID-19 crisis. But fans feel a sense of satisfaction now that their favourite anime is back and going strong. It is clearly anticipated that Roronoa Zoro has got a major part to play in the Wano arc. Let’s decipher some of the possibilities about how Zoro is related to Enma and Oden.

Kozuki Oden is the former Shogun of the Wano kingdom. He is the only one able to hit and scar Kaido with his sword named Enma. That sword has miraculously passed down to Zoro and there are many theories popping up at viewers’ minds.


Kozuki Oden One Piece

Kozuki Oden joined the Whitebeard pirates some time ago and went on an adventure with them. When he returned he found his throne in the wrong hands. The Captain of hundred beast pirates and one of the Yonko, Kaido gained administrative control on the Island so Oden has to face him. In their fight, Oden has scarred him with his sword Enma but he was tricked by Kaido and then he was defeated.

Unlike Zoro’s other swords, Enma seems a bit distinctive. This sharp blade has a rather strong aura. It has been mentioned in One Piece that the swords choose their own masters. Enma’s possession by Zoro cannot be a mere coincidence. 

The plausible theory is that after Oden got defeated, his sword was taken by the beast pirates and it was taken by the retentioners secretly as indicated by some of the dialogues and given it to Oden’s daughter Hiyori. Hiyori sensed the power and potential of Roronoa Zoro and gave him Enma in return for the Legendary sword Shunsui.

The Power of Enma can be seen in the manga when Zoro uses it to cut a cliff with a single hand! But right after that Zoro’s hand gets drained and weakens. This signifies some strange power of Enma. The sword is as powerful as its user’s life energy. Enma drains the energy of its user if he has to use its devastating power.

Now that the Only weapon which has affected Kaido is in the hands of Pirate Hunter Zoro, it is clear that Zoro has a huge part to play. Some fans are even claiming that Kaido will not be defeated by Luffy but Zoro will be the one to take him down. Even if the main fight would take place between Luffy and Kaido, the final and decisive blow will be given by Zoro to Kaido with the sword Enma.

Whatever happens, fans are surely going to witness the most badass arc of One Piece. Even Oda stated in an interview that after Wano arc, the Marineford War arc will look like a child. So all we have to do is grab our popcorns and wait a few months to witness the magic of One Piece. You can read about the outcomes of the Wano arc by clicking this link!

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