One Piece Gear 5 Episodes To Air In August 2023

Luffy Gear 5

Ever since Luffy’s Gear 5 made an appearance in the manga, One Piece fans have been eagerly looking forward to the protagonist’s new form being animated.

Finally it seems that the wait is over, as the highly anticipated One Piece episodes featuring Luffy’s Gear 5 reportedly has a concrete release date.

Luffy Gear 5

According to info that was circulating before, Luffy’s Gear 5 was reportedly set to debut in episode 1071. Meanwhile 1072 was dubbed by fans to be an anime episode of the year contender.

Toei too on its part, has significantly hyped the One Piece Gear 5 episodes.

While we don’t have a confirmation on the exact episode number, Luffy’s Gear 5 will debut in One Piece anime on Aug 6, 2023.

Taking fans anticipation into account, the world’s largest cinema hall is planning to screen the Gear 5 episode for fans on the big screen.

According to sources online, two gear 5 episodes are reportedly under works at Toei Animation. Rumors were swirling that Warner Bros had be roped into work on the animation of Luffy’s latest power up. However, these rumors were squashed pretty quickly.

The Gear 5 episodes are expected release this year, probably by the end of July at the earliest.

One Piece is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation that premiered on Fuji TV in October 1999. It is based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga series of the same name.

Since its premiere in Japan, over 1000 episodes have been aired, and later exported to various countries around the world.

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump since July 1997, with its individual chapters compiled into 106 tankobon volumes as of July 2023.

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