One Piece Film: Red’s Fan Screening In Chennai Receives Huge Response

One Piece Film Red Fan Screening

Fan screenings of One Piece Film: Red organized by Pop Circuit at Chennai’s PVR Palazzo on Oct 9, 2022, received a rousing response from fans.

Almost 550 fans from all over Tamil Nadu had come for the fan screenings. Two shows of One Piece Film: Red were organized, at 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.. The turnout was more than what was expected, and organizers faced some difficulty in handling the situation, delaying the screenings by an hour.

Both the shows were, however, houseful despite the delays.

One Piece Film Red Fan Screening

Animehunch team member Anand Bhaskaran was on ground to cover the event and gauge the audience’s reaction to the movie.

One Piece Film: Red garnered highly favorable reviews from the moviegoers at the fan screening. Shanks’ appearance, and Luffy’s Gear 5 tease were among the highlights of the movie according to fans.

The fan screening also held supporting events to celebrate the screening of the movie, including a cosplay walk, music performances, and even a One Piece quiz.

The highlight of the cosplay walk were that of Zoro, Sanji and Usopp, who were well received by those present at the venue. Fans were also heard chanting Nami’s name as they wanted to see the character being cosplayed.

OP Cosplay At Screening

Special merch packs and other giveaways were given to people who attended the fan screening.

One Piece Film: Red opened in Indian theatres on Oct 7, 2022. It will release in Japanese with English subs and Hindi Dub.

Goro Taniguchi returns to the franchise for the first time since 1998 to direct One Piece Film: Red. Tsutomu Kuroiwa will be in charge of the screenplay. TOEI Animation is animating the film with original author Eiichiro Oda serving as executive producer.

The other staff that have been announced for the movie include:

  • Character Design & Animation Director: Masayuki Sato
  • CGI Director: Kentaro Kawasaki
  • Art Director: Hiroshi KatoMusic: Yasutaka Nakata
  • Director of Photography: Tsunetaka Ema
  • Color Design: Sayako Yokoyama.

The main cast from the previous movies will be reprising their roles in One Piece Film: Red.

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