One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers: Killer Takes The Upper Hand

One Piece Chapter 1029

One Piece chapter 1028 ended with Oda teasing Sanji’s possible new power-up. Fans were hyped to see Germa’s abilities finally blossoming in him. But, the question was, what price would he have to pay for it?

With the spoilers and scans of One Piece Chapter 1029 now out, we can confirm that Sanji indeed got a power-up. But the details about his powers haven’t been specified completely.

However, it was Killer’s fight with Basil that definitely stood out for me in the latest chapter. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the spoilers of One Piece chapter 1029.

One Piece chapter 1029 spoilers:

The title of chapter 1029 is the Tower. While it could have been a reference to the Tower in Onigashima where major face-offs are underway, it is subtle play of words.

The title is most probably a reference to the card in possession of Basil Hawkins which we come across in the chapter.

The cover of the chapter features Jewelry Bonney competing with a group of otters to see who can eat the most number of Soba Noodle bowls. Wanna make bets? Anyone?

Sanji’s New Powers:

Kaido’s subordinates are shocked to see Queen’s blade break after it made contact with Sanji’s cheek. Other than the temporary cheek(y) disfiguration, there was no long lasting or visible damage that was caused by Queen’s attack on Sanji.

Despite the initial confusion, the onlookers and Queen finally came to the conclusion that Sanji had not used Armament Haki. The latter was sure that Sanji was displaying the same powers that Judge had mentioned in the past.

As he prepped to fry Sanji with his lasers, he says that Judge wanted to make engineer durable humans with enhanced physical strength, off the chart healing prowess and in possession of cold cold hearts.

Though the power-up gave Sanji an edge over Queen, he was too distracted by the sudden changes that happened in his body. Sanji dreaded awakening the powers of the Germa 66.

Why? Because he did not want to lose his emotion like the rest of his family.

Even though Chopper cheered him on, Sanji bolted from the place to get his thoughts in order.

sanji bolted

Sanji’s turmoil and the decision he takes would shape the outcome of the battle with Queen. I am pretty sure that he would accept who he has become and vow to not lose his emotions. But, what would prompt him to come to that decision needs to be seen.

Talking about the powers themselves, nothing has been specified or made clear in One Piece chapter 1029. Neither Queen’s sword or the bullets fired by the minions could do any harm to Sanji.

One could assume that this means Sanji’s body has suddenly become very tough and durable. However, he still feels the pain from all those attacks. This could also mean that his body is just healing very fast.

The chapter then shifts its focus to Big Mom’s battle with Kid and Law.

Big Mom vs Kid & Law:

Its not like Big Mom is not a formidable adversary. And if your partner were to go down with a bad headache during such a crucial fight, then you’d find yourself in Trafalgar D. Law’s shoes.

And no amount of Chambres (Shambles or call it Ooga Booga) will get you out of this situation, not if you are a Traffy.

From the looks of it, Kid and Law were able to hold their ground against an Emperor, until Kid collapsed with a bad headache.

Law was put at a serious disadvantage, but that didn’t stop him from saving Kid’s ass as Big Mom prepared to take him down with Hera and Napoleon.

Kid uses counter-shock and puts himself in harms way as Prometheus burns him (quite literally) for having hurt Big Mom. Big Mom then gets her opponents with a Mama Raid.

counter shock

Kid soon realizes that this was no ordinary headache that he was having. His frustrations are understandable. He finally has a chance to take down an emperor. He sacrificed his arm among other things to come this far.

Kid felt that his life would be a joke if he died at that point. But, the fact that he lost an arm and that he had a friend like Killer would make sure that such a situation did not happen. He should be thanking Shanks in all earnesty.

The highlight of One Piece chapter 1029:

Oda has been bringing a lot of face-offs to a close in the the recent chapters. One Piece chapter 1029 also saw one such battle conclude. And it was definitely the highlight of the chapter.

Kid wasn’t wrong when he felt that there was something unusual about his headache. Little did he know that Basil Hawkins was behind his predicament.

The voodoo master was using all the tricks in his book to impede Killer and also Kid in his fight against Big Mom.

Having Kid’s straw doll allowed Hawkins to transfer all the damage he incurred to his unsuspecting victim. However, the one who was the most agonized by the situation was none other than Killer.

He could not bear to stand Hawkins hit his head against the wall and cause pain to Kid. At one point he was even ready to give up his life in exchange for Hawkins releasing Kid from his clutches.

From the looks of it, Killer has been badly injured (his mask was cracked). And since he has a good grasp of the situation, he prevents the others from interfering in the fight.

Hawkins should have simply accepted this offer. Not that I am sad that he chose to be cocky instead, because this error would simply lead to one of the most satisfying cut-downs in the Wano arc.

Hawkins mocks Killer and asks him to chop him down if the latter was really that annoyed. He spews his beliefs about Big Mom and Kaido being invincible and Kid fighting a losing battle.

However, Killer refuses to give up and continues to believe in Kid. And that’s when he comes up with a plan.

Killer concludes that if he were to cause damage a part of Hawkins that wouldn’t be able to transfer to Kid, he’d have a chance. Basically, he would hack off the Hawkin’s left arm, since Kid doesn’t have one.

Left arm

It was no surprise that Killer’s plan worked, but it was also vexing to see that Hawkins overlooked such an important detail about his opponent. Almost seemed too easy, especially when Killer drew out the Straw Doll and freed Kid from Basil’s net.

But, there’s no denying the emotional quotient of the scene. Killer sure scored brownie points for the loyalty he showed Kid, and for the badass moves he pulled on Hawkins.

It was also heartbreaking to see how the SMILE fruit literally bungled up what he felt. Killer begging Hawkins for Kid’s life was a emotional moment. However, he couldn’t stop himself from cracking up as he did so. Ouch!

That aside, Killer’s quick thinking literally pushed Hawkins to his last cards. The latter draws the annihilation card and aims to take down Killer in vain.

Believing that the Straw Man that he drew upon couldn’t die, Hawkins draws his final card, The Tower.

As One Piece Chapter 1029 later explains, the Tower card has great significance. It symbolizes change and an upheaval of established order. The hidden meaning of the card suggests that a new path will be opened.

And as Killer slashed Hawkins and took him down, a crucial turning point happened in the raid in Onigashima.

With Hawkins out of the picture, there is nothing stopping Kid from going all out against Big Mom. The battle lust on his face says a lot. If Law and Kid manage to take down Big Mom it would change the tides of the battle completely.

kid all out on big mom

And with Luffy gearing up to take down Kaido, the Tower card is all the destiny and fate that he needed on his side.

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