One Piece Chapter 1020: Yamato & Robin Hog The Limelight

Yamato's devil fruit reveal in One Piece chapter 1020 might change your view on her joining the Strawhats. Robin and Brook also get their long awaited fights.

With the release of One Piece Chapter 1020, the story has progressed even further. I think we are getting closer to the finale. Yamato’s devil fruit being revealed makes us think if she will ever leave Wano with the Straw Hats or not. Furthermore, the last Tobi Roppo fight taking place seems like a good point to transition to the endgame of Act IV.

To me the past few chapters have felt like battle focused chapters that are leading up to something big that is soon to come. NEXT WEEK WILL NOT BE A BREAK is a treat to the eyes and music to the ears.

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Shogun Yamato?

Let’s just start off by saying DAMN!! Kaido and Yamato are duking it out and its a sight to behold. As usual Kaido drops in important information like it is nothing. We now know after months of theorising that Yamato’s devil fruit is not a White Tiger or a Qilin. Turns out it is the Dog Dog Fruit Model : Okuchi no Makami!! Let us take a look at exactly what this mythical wolf is –

What is Oguchi no Makami?

Makami is deification of a Japanese wolf which is now extinct. It is also called Oguchimagami.

Makami has traditionally been worshipped as a sacred beast. Having eaten many people, an old wolf living in Makaminohara of Asuka area in Yamato Province (present-day Nara Prefecture) was deified for its ferocity and worshipped as a guardian deity who would protect crops against wild boars and deer.

Makami was worshipped as a deity who would understand human words, know the nature of each human being, protecting the good and punish the wicked. Makami was regarded as having a strong power to protect people against evil, particularly against such hardships as caused by fire and robbery, and its figure was drawn on Emas (votive horse tablet) and the like.

Source : Japanese Wiki Corpus

Furthermore this other paragraph might reveal even more about where Yamato’s character might be heading

Ancient historic accounts from Japan report this mythical story how the wolf deity, a white wolf (shirōkami), in times of need suddenly appeared to Yamato Takeru, son of Emperor Keikko (around AD100). Takaru got lost on a road near Mitakesan ………… and obstructed the road. The white wolf showed him the way and let his army on the right path, “and Takeru commanded the white wolf to stay in Mitakesan as a true god, in order to slay any local demons.

Source : Homepage Ralph Häussler

Does this mean that Yamato will be staying back in Wano and become Momonosuke’s regent? Maybe. Maybe not. Personally this isn’t something I want to see. But if it happens then it might be interesting to watch how the story proceeds from there.

Kaido’s Plans

Kaido also mentions that Oguchi no Makami is the Guardian Spirit of Wano. That was the reason he wanted Yamato to take replace Orochi and “protect” it for Kaido. He also says that losing to fruit to some wannabe Oden is quite paniful. Was Kaido saying this to point out that Oden lost Wano cause of his selfish desires to explore the world? and that he is a bad role model? Maybe.

Also we kinda get more reasons as to why Kaido plopped Orochi’s head off. In Chapter 795, Kaido shouts out that he wants to start the “Greatest War the World has ever seen”. Was the past 24 years just preparation for this?

Kaido let Orochi use his skill of “exploitation” of his to get the resources required to actually start a war of that scale. Once his job was done, Kaido decided to let things come directly under his control by appointing Yamato as Shogun. Again this is my understanding of it and it may or may not be completely correct.

That aside the fight – OOOF. Beautiful. Yamato seems to be holding up against Kaido’s hybrid form albeit a weakened form. But the fact that she can even put up a fight makes her a really strong member that might join the Straw Hats in the future!! Or will she?

New Project 89

Robin VS Black Maria

Things are getting even more exiciting and heated up in One Piece Chapter 1020 (get it. the place is on fire huhuhuhu) with the last Tobi Roppo member fighting against our beloved Robin-chan and Brook. With her last major fight being against Gladius all the way back in Dressrosa, it feels good to see Robin get some action again.

Speaking about fights, Black Maria has some super freaky abilities doesn’t she. Her “Illusion Mist” might have something to do with the hallucinogenic properties that some spider venom have. I couldn’t really trace back anything to “Rosamygale Grauvogeli” but that might have something to do with errr…. my lack of detailed Biology knowledge.

Well anyway using those freaky abilities she was able to make Robin see Olivia, Professor Clover and Saul (and his super memorable laugh) … 😭. *Okay… I went and cried. Now back to the review*. The very fact that Oda decided to bring these characters back makes me feel they will actually return in the near future. All those theories about Olivia and Saul being alive may turn out to be true. It would make for a very interesting way for the story to proceed.

Coming back to the fight, Brook was also able to resist the illusions due to all his hard and lonely years in the sea. *Why you do this Oda? Why you make this so sad??!*.

Black Maria also seems to have some wierd weapon powered by a man-faced pug that keeps the fire lit. It seems Brook has also gained the power to freeze a living object from the inside out using “Cold Soul”. It is a very interesting ability in the fact that it seems to work on “living objects” specifically. Do you think that extends to all living beings or can it be countered with haki?

Black Maria also tries to break Robin’s trust in her crew by calling her baggage and telling her that Sanji abandoned her. But we know that it wont work anymore 😊. Robin expresses her trust in Sanji and her crew and finally gears up for a proper 1 vs 1 fight against Maria.

Now the interesting thing to note here would be that Black Maria probably can’t go all out with intent to kill. Robin being the only person to be able to read the poneglyphs might mean that Black Maria would have to only knock her out and capture her. But on the other hand Robin is serious. And a ruthless fighter too.

She also uses “Gigante Fleur” which makes a giant upper torso of her with many giant arms too. Till now we have only seen giant arms or legs. This is a first for us. and it just might lead us to what we are all waiting for. *Robin Titan will Tatakae* (A full giant body for those of you who don’t read or watch AoT). With Robin being ruthless and all that I believe Black Maria will not be returning for a round 2 later on like I believe a few other Tobi Roppo will.

New Project 90

Luffy is coming back

The final part of this chapter is about Luffy coming back. As expected he has finished all the meat on the submarine and Law’s crew are trying to find more meat. Classic Luffy. Momonosuke and Shinobu also survived and landed at the bottom safely.

Luffy asks Momo to stop crying until they are all finished with the battles and Kaido is taken down. He seems to be treating Momonosuke more and more like a fully grown up man as that is what he will face once he becomes the shogun.

We also see Caribou peeking at the gang from a distance thinking about the outcome of the battle. Him escaping from Wano too depends on Luffy winning against Kaido. Speaking about that, Luffy tells Momonosuke to turn into a dragon and fly him to the top of the skull again. Not a request but a straight up order with respect and trust. Caribou having a lot of meat stored inside his swamp and offering Luffy some assistance would make for a very funny scenario.

Momonosuke will probably get over his fear of heights. By taking Luffy to the top and seeing Kaido being beaten, his fear caused by Kaido might finally disappear. Momonosuke getting Kaido’s powers after his death is a wierd theory cooking in my head. Let me know in the comments below if you want to see an article on that!

One Piece chapter 1020, Luffy asks Momonosuke to help him

Finally, lets get back to me ranting about the end of Act III for like the 4th article in a row. The next chapter will probably show us more of the fight between Black Maria and Robin and from the previous fights we have seen in the raid, it too will likely end next chapter.

Will we see Some more important information might be dropped? and maybe we get to know a bit more about Maria’s past. I personally have a feeling that she will have something to do with the Admiral Candidate – Momousagi or Gion. Maybe it has something to do with her tatoo. We can only wait for future chapters to verify these. The next chapter or maybe the chapter after that feels like a good point to finally end this Act.

Do you guys think Black Maria also knows some very important information? Let us know your thoughts about this chapter in the comments!

And as  Luffy always says, “Kaizoku ou ni ore wa Naru”.

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