One Piece Chapter 1019: Yamato’s Hybrid Form Revealed!

The battle edges forward in One Piece chapter 1019, as another member of the Tobi Roppo seems to have fallen.


One Piece Chapter 1019: Heliceratops took us one step closer to the final fight in Wano. We see another member of the Tobi Roppo has been knocked out leaving only one last member remaining. This chapter showed us how much Franky really needs to improve and what we might see in the future chapters with Luffy and Zoro both about to recover.

Aside from that we finally got the big reveal that we had speculated all the way back in Chapter 996. Yamato’s hybrid form was revealed along with a collaboration with Where’s Wally?!!

The official chapter can be read at VIZ.

Luffy and Zoro are returning to battle?

The chapter starts off with Sanji and Queen continuing their battle. We see Queen use the “Claw Laser” on his hair with Sanji stating that Franky would love to get his hands on the “tech to fire lasers again and again”. Now that Queen has switched to his Hybrid form, I thought Sanji would have a very tough time but he seems to be smiling and taking it easy. Maybe Queen hasn’t gotten very serious yet and we still have to wait for Sanji to use his Raid Suit.

Meanwhile, we see Miyagi (Goat Mink) trying to inject the medicine through the thickly wrapped bandages  and Luffy shouting that he wants meat. Well that was the first part of the chapter.

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Franky VS Sasaki

Now this is what we were really looking for. A great battle chapter. As you already know, at the end of this chapter Sasaki is also down leaving only Black Maria as the final Tobi Roppo (in Act III. Who knows what Oda has planned for us in Act IV)

It was a pretty funny chapter as we saw Sasaki do some things we didn’t expect at all. With Heliceratops, Sasaki became the only “Flying” Six. All that aside, we do see that his attacks are really powerful, being able to destroy a part of General Franky and cutting the franken sword in half. (Will we see a Franky make seastone sword? ).

Franky is no less powerful than Sasaki with crazy cool moves like General Suplex and Radical Beam. For now, Sasaki seems to have gone down but in a way its kind of disappointing to see the fights end very quickly. Especially when they are the “Toppi Roppo” and an Ancient Zoan on top of that. Ulti was able to survive Big Mom’s Maser Canon so I don’t see why Sasaki won’t just come back to the fight in a few chapters.

For all the hype they recieved it seemed like a relativeley short confrontation. Maybe it was because of the OOMPH the previous fights had, this one just didn’t cut it for me. Well thats my opinion on the fight. It was nice but a bit too short. Tell me what you guys think down in the comments!

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Another thing to see here is that Franky’s victory wasn’t overwhelming. He has a lot of room for improvement. Maybe after he gets his hands on some of Queen’s technology and some nice seastone upgrades he can finally get a decent powerup for the next arc. And maybe to top it all off he also learns to use haki!!

Yamato’s Devil Fruit

Finally we get to the juicy parts of the chapter. Back on top of the roof, we see some more huge black lightning. Again, we see Kaido treat Yamato more like an object or a warrior and not a daughter. 

He then proceeds to reveal the fruit that Yamato ate was pretty tough to get his hands on. Yamato then says that it was an accident. She ate the fruit out of hunger and not because she wanted powers. This makes her the 5th person to eat a fruit out of hunger (Excluding Ebisu Town Residents). Luffy, Ace and Masked Deuce, Momonosuke and now Yamato.

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Now the two biggest questions of this chapter. 

  1. Who was the fruit intended for?
  2. What fruit is it?

For the first question, my guess is as good as yours. Seeing as most of the top generals of the beast pirates already have very strong fruits so it doesn’t seem like it was for them. The only two people that come to mind are Yamato’s mother and Big Mom. 

We do not know much about Yamato’s mother so there is still a possibility that it might be for her. As for Big Mom, he might’ve been collecting the fruit to repay her for his devil fruit.

Now for the bigger question. What devil fruit does Yamato have?? Well , previously I believed that it would be a White Tiger mythical zoan devil fruit, but this chapter made me rethink. The fruit that Yamato has is *drumrolls* A Mink Mink no Mi. I’m kidding. I think its a Qilin or Kirin Mythical Zoan and there are many reasons to believe so. 

According to Wikipedia, the qilin or kirin is a mythical hooved chimerical creature that appears in Chinese mythology, and is said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler. This fits in pretty well with what we see and know about the devil fruit till now. Yamato doesn’t exactly look like a creature we know and seems to be a mixture of multiple parts of different creatures. Furthermore, the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler also fits in perfectly with the current scenario in Wano –
Kaido and Orochi being the ones to pass away and Luffy and Momonosuke taking their places as new rulers.

As we read more of the wikipedia page, we see more and more similarities. 

  • Qilin generally have Chinese dragon-like features. Most notably their heads, eyes with thick eyelashes, manes that always flow upward and beards.”
  • “According to Taoist mythology, although they can look fearsome, Qilin only punish the wicked.”
  • “Qilin can become fierce if a pure person is threatened by a malicious one, spouting flames from their mouths and exercising other fearsome powers that vary from story to story.”

The above three are pretty self explanatory. Here, the pure person can be Luffy and the wicked person can be Kaido.

  • “Some stories state that qilin are sacred pets (or familiars) of the deities. Therefore, in the hierarchy of traditional dances performed by the Chinese (e.g., lion dance, dragon dance), they rank highly; third only to the dragon and phoenix who are the highest.

This too kinda makes sense if we take a look at Kaido’s dialogue. He mentioned he had to go through great pains to get the devil fruit. With Phoenix and Dragon already with Marco and Kaido respectively, obviously it was very hard to get the “3rd strongest” Mythical Zoan. Also another thing to consider is that JoyBoy might be Nika the Sun God. If this is true then that would make him a deity or god. And with Luffy being a successor or reincarnation or however Oda wants to take the story ahead, it would make sense for Yamato to be Luffy’s friend/crewmate/familiar. This is a bit tin-foily but makes sense if you look at it loosely.

Again most of the is not conclusive evidence so we have to wait for 1020 to arrive.

Act III ending soon?

At the current time, out of the 6 Tobi Roppo members, one has defected and four have been beaten. This leaves us with only Black Maria who will probably get taken out in the next few chapters. That leaves us with only Kaido and the All stars. I believe that this will be the end of Act III.

With all the Tobi Roppo out (for now), Onigashima will loom over the Flower Capital and will cause panic all over causing people to evacute. Luffy will have recovered and will try to come back to the top of the skull and Zoro will have also recovered thanks to the miracle medicine. I do not have any clear ideas for Zoro’s next opponent. King seems to be a very popular option. However, I am not completely sold on this prediction. This would require Marco to first have lost to King or Marco having to withdraw from battle with doesn’t seem likely as of now.

Where’s Wally?

With the 24th anniversary of One Piece, Oda decided to collaborate with the very popular British series of children’s puzzle books, Where’s Wally. The collaboration consisted of a massive spread of Onigashima with characters scattered across all over the map. And guess what? We see some very unexpected and interesting things to note in it.

Untitled 1024x723 1

Now the Black circles mark Waldo and there are 3 err.. 2 of them. The middle one is actually Bon Clay. But thats the less fun part. In the pink circles, I have marked all the characters from One Piece that we have seen so far that aren’t supposed to be on Wano from what we know of till now.

To quickly list it out, we have –
San Juan Wolf, Enel, Gaimon, Rob Lucci, Bon Clay – Buggy – Mr.3 , a man who looks like a weather wizard, Bartolomeo, Boa Hancock, Perona, Aokiji, Camie and our friendly neighbourhood starfish Pappag. While I might be reading into this too much it might be foreshadowing of whats to come. Oda has pulled some moves like this on us before and this might be possible.

Out of list of people above some of them coming to Wano makes a good amount of sense to me but some others make absolutely no sense to me. San Juan Wolf and Aokiji coming to Wano is a possibilty becausse BlackBeard is a very cunning and oportunistic person. He can easily send them to maybe take out the survivors of the war once they are weakened and then claim the poneglyphs for himself. As for Boa Hancock, Bartolomeo , Perona , Buggy – Mr.3 they can probably come to Wano while running away from the navy. This seems unlikely in Boa’s case as she is most porbably stronger than Coby. Bartolomeo might be coming to Wano to help out Luffy. Mihawk might have asked Perona to leave the place as he was going to get into some serious battles though it shouldn’t really be a problem from him.

Rob Lucci might also play an important role later on. It would be interesting to see an interaction between him and Who’s Who. But the ones that make no sense to me are – Enel , Gaimon , Bon-Clay, weather wizard, Camie and Pappag. Maybe they are there just for a gag. Again most of this is just a teeny tiny possibility which I may be reading too much into.

What do you guys think Yamato’s devil fruit is? Let us know your thoughts about this chapter in the comments!

And as  Luffy always says, “Kaizoku ou ni ore wa Naru”.

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