One Piece Chapter 1018: Who Is Nika?

One Piece Chapter 1018 came back after a week and gave us more questions than answers as usual. *and this seems like its going to continue till oda knows when*.


One Piece Chapter 1018: Jinbei VS Who’s Who came back after a week and gave us more questions than answers as usual. *and this seems like its going to continue till oda knows when*. Anyway its another 17 page chapter which revealed a lot to us and we now know another ancient legend – Sun God, Nika.

A very interesting chapter overall with so much to write, yet so less to write and unfortunately NEXT WEEK WILL BE A BREAK.

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State of the battle

Continuing off of the previous chapter, we see Otama’s actions making huge impacts in the battle. The number difference has reduced even further, now at 16000 on the beast pirates and 9000 with the alliance. *I’ve been saying this same point over and over for 3 reviews now*. Nami now considers Zeus a “sidekick“. We will see some fun interactions between them from now. Usopp telling Tama’s ability to make friends on the battlefield reminded me of Mihawk telling us about Luffy’s “true power” back in Marineford.

Again, we see CP-0 just chilling out and noting the state of the battle. They clearly state that they do not care about which side wins. This might mean the World Government has no intentions of taking control over Wano or anything of that sort. But they do seem to want Who’s Who do die no matter what. Also they believe that Jinbei is definitely stronger than Who’s Who.

There’s really not much to speak about here and I think we will keep seeing this trend go on with the future chapters until only some of core members of Beast Pirates are left.

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Jinbei VS Who’s Who

Who’s Who revealed that it was Shank’s who stole the Gomu Gomu no mi and hence he bears a grudge against him. And this grudge extents to Luffy as he ate the fruit and he received Shanks’s straw hat too. We see some new moves and some amazing fight scenes. *I want to use Toki’s fruit to go to the future and watch it all*.

Who’s Who being racist against Fishmen was kinda old styled like Jinbei said. The man needs to catch up to recent times. But something that I have been thinking about for the past few days is exactly when Who’s Who escaped. I saw a very nice theory on reddit that said that Who’s Who is Blackbeard’s spy. Not completely outside the realm of possibility but it doesn’t really make complete sense. If he did indeed escape during the Impel Down arc, then I can’t seem to think of any reasons for why he would not confront Luffy then and there.

His dialouges make it seem more like he escaped all alone from Impel Down. And this again has to be before the events of the Impel Down arc. Wouldn’t this make him the 2nd successful escapee from there after Shiki? As we saw, he would need quite a good amount of skill and power to actually escape from there.

Yet he got bossed by Jinbei showing us exactly how strong of a member Jinbei truely is. What do you guys think? Is the fight over already or will we get more chapters on this fight? Let us know down in the comments.

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Sun God Nika!!

We finally come to the biggest mystery of this chapter. Who is the Sun God Nika? And why is his existance such a threat to the World Government. I have some interesting explanations and details to share with you guys about that! The first thoughts that came to my mind while reading this chapter was Fisher Tiger and Rocks D. Xebec. Fisher Tiger is obvious here (it was obvious even to Who’s Who). Both of the freed slaves and were their last hopes and all that good stuff. But the bigger connection here is what I want to share now.

Personally I believe he has something to do with Rocks D. Xebec for a few reasons.

Lets take a look at his “threat” to the World Government. Who’s Who tells us that a soldier who mentioned his legend suddenly disappeared and this was one of the main reasons that pushed Who’s Who to escape. CP-0 also wants him dead to keep the legend from spreading and as they do not want any escapees. We know of only one other person who was completely erased from history with even most of the core Marine officers not knowing about him – The person being Rocks D. Xebec.

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There is atleast some hint of resemblance between these two forgotten legends. This also sort of fits in with my personal belief that Rocks was actually a good guy, which is a topic for another day.

Another very interesting thing to note would be this –

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There were two other mentions of a Sun God. One in Skypeia and the other in Elbaf. While it is unknown if it is the same Sun God they are talking about we can draw some hints regarding Nika from here. But there is one last important image to be shared here.

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That is Luffy dancing in Skypeia. And there was a mention of Sun God in Skypeia. And the pose looks very similiar to Nika. Get it… Lots of connections can be made right now. Oda doesn’t simply throw around things now does he.

Also while, Who’s Who asking Jinbei about Nika was a bit uhh… racist he might not have been very far from getting an answer. Till now, we just assumed that the Sun Pirates were the Sun Pirates but after this chapter not anymore. Fisher Tiger was a slave for Celestial Dragons for quite a while. We can only assume that he too heard of Nika’s legend like Who’s Who and decided to hope that someone will come for his rescue. And he waited and waited and no one came. So he decided to do it himself. He escaped and well… became a “legendary warrior that freed slaves”. Maybe he named his crew the Sun Pirates as it was that very legend that helped him survive in his darkest times?!

Another interesting thing to think about would be the relation between Nika and the Revolutionary Army. If you think about it, Shandians have red tatoos. Dragon has a red tatoo. And there are 2 Nika references of sorts in Skypeia. Maybe Nika was Dragon’s inspiration to form the Revolutionary Army to … oppose the Celestial Dragons and free everyone opressed under them!! This is a very vague connection but definitely something that we might see in the future.

Do you guys think Nika and Joy Boy are somehow the same? Let us know your thoughts about this chapter in the comments and follow us on Twitter to get more updates.

And as  Luffy always says, “Kaizoku ou ni ore wa Naru”.

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