One Piece Chapter 1016: Are The Tides Of Onigashima Turning?


After dropping some huge revelations last chapter and leaving us thinking for a week, Oda finally returns with One Piece Chapter 1016 – It’s me, Otama!! He gives us a banger of a chapter with even more thinking to do for the next two weeks 😢. Yes, as unfortunate as it is, NEXT WEEK WILL BE A BREAK.

Oda definitely deserves a break for writing this amazing chapter where we see not one, but two possible straw hats – being Yamato and our friendly neighbourhood cloud, Zeus Fluff. And with the addition of these two, the tides of Onigashima seem to be turning, slowly, but definitely.

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Fire Festival and CP-0

One Piece Chapter 1016 starts off in Mainland Wano, where on a clear night, the Fire Festival is at its peak. People are playing music and dancing all over the Flower Capital. Tenguyama tells Toko that the Fire Festival is held to honour the dead and that Yasuie is probably watching over them hoping for Wano to develop. We then see two panels of Onigashima, which according to the previous chapters is getting closer and closer to mainland Wano. Something to consider here is that the sky is clear. This means that the people of Wano will see Onigashima headed towards them and it won’t be a complete surprise. This might give the people enough time to evacuate from the capital.

Alliance gaining in numbers

The chapter then transitions to the Visitors Reception inside Kaido’s Castle. We see the members of CP-0 analyze the state of the battle. As seen in previous chapters they are using some sort of Othello like game Funskool Sponsor to represent the Beast Pirates and members of the Alliance.

We are told that a total of 5000 soldiers are unable to fight and 4000 have been tamed by Otama, putting the numbers at 20000 for the Beast Pirates and 7000 for the Alliance. The advantage that the Beast Pirates had in number is slowly reducing with the Alliance getting stronger.

Bao Huang then decides to declare that Momonosuke has also fallen, thereby trying to reduce the morale of the alliance as two of their commanders are defeated.

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Fluff the Clima Tact

In the meantime, we see Nami and Usopp still wondering about how the Clima Tact is speaking. Usopp brags about how the Clima Tact he made is speaking making him an even greater genius than he was. *which we all know he is. All Hail God Usopp*. Zeus then reveals to us that when his soul was being sucked out and Nami extended her Clima Tact towards him, he somehow merged with the Clima Tact.

I guess this means our prediction from the previous chapter came true! Nami then says she does not want an annoying weapon that speaks. Zeus remembers that she hasn’t forgiven him yet. He then says a very interesting line – “But… I can’t get out without Mama’s powers!!”. I will touch upon this later in the review.

As they were running to the Live Stage, they come across Bao Huang and her gang who is just about to announce news about Momonosuke. Out of nowhere, Ulti suddenly appears and headbutts Usopp onto the floor and grabs Tama by the neck. Now if there’s one thing you’re not supposed to do in One Piece, it’s to attack Tama.

Nami VS Ulti

Nami goes from confused as to how Ulti survived Maser Cannon to full rage mode and swings her Clima Tact at Ulti. Unknown to her, Zeus can now change the shape of the Clima Tact. He then turns into a spiked mace and slams into Ulti surprising Nami. However, this attack has almost no effect on her, with Zeus stating that she is very tough on the outside. We can see more forms of her Clima Tact in the future. It need not be limited to just a mace. Spears, swords and maybe even kanabo can be possible.

He then suggests Nami use a thunderbolt on her as Mama’s move would have definitely damaged her internally. Nami states she cannot use such a powerful move as it will also hurt Otama. And this is when an injured God Usopp comes into the clutch. He uses one of his plant-based moves: Special Attack – Green Star Sargasso (Sargassum is a plant species. It has highly branched numerous fronds that are generally small and leaflike with toothed edges. The largest members can reach several metres in length.) : to free Tama from Ulti.

We then see a very comical interaction between Nami and Zeus. Zeus asks her to give him a new name as he has been reborn and now belongs to her. She decides on “Fluff” but seeing how lame the name was Zeus decides to continue calling himself Zeus. She then uses Thunderbolt, which Ulti jumps and dodges. We then see a glimpse of what Nami’s powers can grow to as Zeus turns around and hits Ulti with a huge amount of power, knocking her out for good this time. Right now Nami has become the sniper who never misses and this will be of great use in the future.

Bao Huang who sees this, panics and forgets that her voice is being broadcast. Surprised by this sudden development, she accidentally ends up broadcasting this news throughout the castle, doing the exact opposite of what she wanted. We see the Beast Pirates losing their confidence. We might even see many of them switch sides even without eating Otama’s dangos. This part of the chapter ends with Usopp capturing Bao Huang gaining control over the broadcast and Otama starting her announcement.

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Yamato VS Kaido

Continuing off of the last chapter, Kaido turns into his dragon form to reach the top and fight Yamato. As usual, Oda delivers some really fascinating and thought-provoking lines and leaves us hanging. *Why you do this to us Oda 😭*.

Kaido’s Words of Wisdom

“Don’t think I’m leaving for anywhere else, Yamato!! I’m here BECAUSE it’s Wano!!”

This quote might break the internet when it’s finally animated. It gives us so much to think about. *Enough for me to take a 1-day break to think about what it might mean.* Our Discord and I finally came up with this. Wano is connected to Poneglyhs, Seastone and you guessed it Joy Boy.

Seastone are very rare in the world of One Piece, with the Wano kingdom and the Marines being the only people to have large quantities of it. We have seen Doflamingo and Crocodile use it before, but that can be put under the perks of being a Warlord.

Now that most of his crew has devil fruit powers, the next step would be to enhance their weaponry. Maybe Kaido was trying to mass-produce weapons like Smoker’s Jutte to make his crew even stronger. But all of this seems unlikely when you look at it in a different way. As stated in our other theories, Kaido seems to want to die a glorious death.

What better way than to die at the hands of the next Joy Boy. Kaido knows about the return of Joy Boy. At least much more than we do. He might be waiting at Wano to meet the next Joy Boy and fight him to death.

Remember how in Chapter 1015, Kaido says that Luffy couldn’t be Joy Boy either. This might suggest that he has fought others before and they all died at his hands or ended up joining the Beast Pirates. Kaido probably believes that whoever beats him can be the next Joy Boy.

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Yamato wants to join the Straw Hats!

So Speaking as Kozuki Oden, I’ve followed the proper logic that says as Ace’s brother, you should be giving me a ride on your ship.” Very Oden like indeed. While Luffy doesn’t outright reject her joining the crew, he does point out that Yamato is not Oden. These are some of our first hints at Yamato possibly being the next Straw Hat.

The latest chapter further solidifies Yamato’s wish to be the next Straw Hat and explore the world. Yamato has repeatedly denied any interest in being the Shogun of Wano or succeeding Kaido as the next head of the Beast Pirates. She just wants to explore the world and be more like her idol, Oden.

Her main goal is not to beat Kaido but to just stall and weaken him further until Luffy arrives as we predicted. She also states that Luffy is the man Oden was waiting for. She has read Oden’s journal and she definitely knows more than us. Now we just have to wait for Luffy to shout Kaido’s name in anger and beat him up for Kaido to accept it.

Coming back to the chapter, Kaido then transforms into his hybrid form stating that he will not hold back even against his own daughter and seems to be charging up his kanabo with Conqueror’s haki. The chapter ends with Yamato and Kaido clashing against each other on the top of the skull. While that is not clearly shown, we do get a good image of the skull from afar, where we see Black Lightning. We might finally see Yamato’s transformation which was hinted at in Chapter 996 which most people believe is a White Tiger. This goes along with the legends that state that only a white tiger can match an azure dragon(Kaido) in terms of strength.

Future Predictions

Is Nami Tobi Roppo Level?

Nami could beat a weakened Ulti. From what we have seen, she seems to be one of the weaker Tobi Roppo members. But she is still a Tobi Roppo nonetheless. But with Nami finally getting her major Wano powerup, we might see her get really overpowered.

Remember that one line from before? “But… I can’t get out without Mama’s powers!!”. We clearly see Zeus come out of the Clima Tact to personally fry Ulti. This line might mean, Zeus is linked to the Clima Tact for good. Not trapped in it, but linked to it. He seems to be able to come out and move around during Nami’s attacks. Furthermore, Nami using Zeus as a flying Nimbus like Big Mom is a very real possibility. She might also be able to use attacks like Indra and God of Lightning Tenjin. Nami using insanely powerful lightning attacks like Enel’s Lightning Dragon and Raigou is not outside the realm of possibility.

Now, the answer to whether or not Nami is Tobi Roppo level. I would say in terms of pure offensive power, yeah. She definitely is up there in terms of her attack ability or will be after mastering Zeus. But her defence is still lacking as the frailest member of the crew. *Yes, even weaker than the walking pile of bones we call Brook* . If we could see any improvement there *wishes for Nami to armament haki*, then she will definitely be one of the strongest Navigators in One Piece.

Yamato has Conqueror’s Haki!!

Does Yamato have conqueror’s haki?? The black lightning at the end of the chapter is pretty solid hints to this. While lightning is generally used for effects, we have seen this exact type of lightning before. In Chapter 782, Doflamingo and Luffy have a clash of Conqueror’s haki at the top of Dressrosa’s Royal Palace and in Chapter 893, it’s Luffy vs Katakuri.

New Project 41

As seen in all the above images, there is some form of Black Lightning that is supposed to signify the use of Conqueror’s Haki. Further, if we take a look at the sound effects used above, all three are the same (not clearly shown in this image but they’re the same). Sound effects aren’t conclusive evidence and must not be used in assumptions but it’s too similar to be ignored here.

Also, as Garp seems to hint at in Marineford, Conqueror’s Haki is somehow related to your blood i.e might be inherited from your parents. We see this with Ace-Roger; Katakuri-Big Mom and maybe even Luffy and Dragon. Kaido also wants Yamato to be the next Shogun – which is an important position of rule. Seeing that Kaido doesn’t mind beating Yamato into her place, we might ask why he didn’t break her spirit and make her loyal? Because he couldn’t as Yamato too had Conqueror’s haki. It’s just too convincing and leads me to believe that Yamato does indeed have Conqueror’s Haki.

Supreme Commander Otama

Tama’s grand announcement in One Piece chapter 1016 was interrupted by Oda showing us Kaido and Yamato. That left us hanging at “It’s me, Otama!!” and the defected Beast Pirates recognizing her to be their master. Contrary to what Bao Huang wanted to do, she ended up reduced the morale of her own team.

This might lead to more and more Beast Pirates willingly switching sides and joining Tama and the alliance against Kaido. They were treated were badly by Queen and have now also lost any chance of getting a SMILE. With another powerful force rising against Kaido, they can safely switch sides, and may also eat Tama’s dangos, further reducing the gap in numbers. This puts Otama at a very crucial spot with thousands of members under her command.

As for what her announcement was, it may be to ask the pirates to go look for Luffy, or to start clearing all the floors one by one. This will finally end up leaving only the major members of the Beast Pirates, who can then be taken down by the remaining Heart and Kid Pirates.

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