One Piece Chapter 1015: Will Sanji Be Commander Level?

Diable Jambe Rotisserie

Finally!! One Piece Chapter 1015- Chains – is a big chapter for all the Sanji Fans. Oda got our hopes up by revealing Kin’emon is alive only to take it away quickly by having Kaido stab him. *why must you do this to us Oda*. Anyway, Luffy was revealed to be alive *plot armour intensifies*.

Some fun new stuff was introduced in One Piece chapter 1015 in the form of Zeus the Clima Tact and Sanji’s new Dino-sized dish that’s too large to be served on a plate. Some more predictions this week for the next chapter. And what we all wanted to see the most – NO BREAK NEXT WEEK.

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Sanji VS Queen

The chapter picks up from last time, with Queen finally deciding to get serious against Chopper, who is crying after hearing the news about Luffy’s death and bites into his shoulder. At the same time, Perospero uses his new move- “Apocalytic Candy Shower“.

This is indeed a powerful move as his arrows shown to be piercing through the shields of the samurai. He also says the following words – “The slaughter of their General has thrown them into disarray!!.”

This line piqued my interest a lot. Earlier when the Big Mom Pirates were trying to climb up the waterfall to enter Wano, King flipped over the Queen Mama Chanter and sunk Big Mom. This caused some discord within the remaining members on the ship, with Perospero already planning to rename the crew to Perospero pirates while the others believed that Katakuri should take over as he was the strongest after Big Mom.

A similar thing might happen to the Beast Pirates after Kaido’s defeat. Kaido’s crew is based on strength and dominance. He holds the crew together as their supreme commander and without him, the whole crew will start fighting amongst themselves. Kaido’s defeat may spell the end of the Beast Pirates, just like Rocks’s defeat disbanded the Rocks Pirates.

We see Sanji making his way onto the Live-Floor with Izo and Kawamatsu. He swings Zoro around using him as a weapon making for a hilarious panel.

We see Queen’s self-experimented Razer Sharp teeth come out to bite Chopper. Sanji intercepts this with his new move called “Diable Jambe Rotisserie Strike“. As seen in the illustrations, this move sends Queen rotating around his lower body, shielding all the fighters below from Candy Shower and knocking Perospero out.

Rotisserie means “a cooking appliance with a rotating spit for roasting and barbecuing meat” in French. This is an apt name for the move as Sanji literally spins Queen all around the stage severely damaging him.

Diable Jambe Rotisserie Strike - Sanji's new move from One Piece chapter 1015.

Sanji tells Chopper not to cry as they have seen Luffy perform “miracles” many times before. We see him hand over kick Zoro to Chopper asking him to patch him up as he is worth 10 men. Zoro wakes up to shout that he’s worth 2000. This part ends with Sanji asking them to leave “this Dino” – Queen to him, to which Queen calls him “Judge’s Brat!!”.

If we think about it, we were first introduced to Cyborgs in the form of Pacifistas that were made by Vegapunk. Another big name in the field of science is Judge who worked together with Vegapunk in the past. I might be overthinking it but Queen might have had something to do with Judge and Vegapunk in the past. His tone of voice and his scientific experiments are something we just can’t ignore here.

Kin’emon and Luffy are still alive!!

One Piece chapter 1015 then transitions to the first floor of the Castle’s interior. We see an image of Kanjuro’s and Kiku’s still bodies. Surprisingly, Kin’emon has survived Kaido’s Conqueror’s Haki-coated blow. This makes us reconsider if Kaido has indeed gotten weaker after his fight with Luffy.

As Shinobu runs away with a crying Momonosuke, we see Kin’emon trying to make his final stand with a single broken katana as he tries to stab Kaido in the thigh. The chapter then transitions to a few panels where we see an emotional flashback, with Kin’emon and Momonosuke practising their Father-Son role play.

Kaido then proceeds to pick up a sword from the floor and stabs Kin’emon seemingly killing him for good this time. The words Kaido speaks here are very interesting.

“Face your death like a warrior. The problem with defeat is so few can accept it when it arrives”

The seemingly invincible Emperor of the Sea speaking these words might have something to do with his past. His past with the Marines who had captured him several times and Rocks who somehow had multiple big name pirates under his command. A young Kaido might have faced his first loss against the mysterious Rocks D. Xebec and was forced to join his crew. This might explain the way Kaido’s crew works too, being similar to the way Rocks Pirates worked.

The quote might also show that Kaido did respect Oden for following the way of the samurai and wanted to die an honourable death just like him as many people believe. They believe this is Kaido’s main motive behind all his actions: to die a grand and honourable death and be remembered by the whole world like Oden.

"Face your death like a warrior. The problem with defeat is so few can accept it when it arrives" - Kaido to Kin'emon

Luffy is rescued by Law’s crew

Meanwhile, Momonosuke who has a frog “Mary” in his hand, proceeds to announce Luffy’s message. He announces that Luffy is still alive and will definitely beat Kaido. Momonosuke then encourages the members of the alliance to fight on for the freedom of Wano. This boosts the morale of every fighter and we a double panel showing this. We are seeing the making of a Shogun here. Momonosuke has truly accepted and understood his role as the heir to Shogun’s position.

We then see Luffy sinking into the depths of the ocean when Law’s crew sees him and rescues him. They also could hear his voice even though they were underwater. They probably plan on healing him up for his third and most likely his final fight against Kaido.

Luffy being saved by Heart Pirates.

Nami, Big Mom and Yamato

Otama, Usopp and Nami are rejoicing after learning the Luffy is still alive when they hear another voice. It turns out Zeus has merged with Nami’s Clima-Tact.

This might have happened when Big Mom was extracting Zeus’s soul outside his cloud body. Maybe a small portion of her “soul” escaped and merged with the nearest object it had a connection with, being the Clima-Tact. This might be the possible big Nami power-up that we had been looking for during Wano.

We see Law making his way over to Big Mom to assist Kid in his fight. Law then says that he always believed in the wonders Luffy can pull off and forms a temporary alliance with Kid to beat Big Mom.

The chapter ends with Yamato shouting Kaido’s name from the top of the skull to call him. Kaido asks her to call him “father” to which she says that she is here to free herself from the bond that has chained her to Kaido.

Zeus merged with Climate Baton. Law and Kid forming a temporary alliance. Yamato severing her ties with Kaido.

Final Predictions

Well, one of our predictions from the previous chapter went wrong, but as true One Piece fans do after their predictions fail, we get back at it with more predictions. This time I have some more interesting predictions and theories that we might see in the future chapters.

Luffy VS Kaido

Now that Luffy has been rescued by the Heart Pirates, we know he is going to make a return. I think the next fight against Kaido will be their final fight for Wano. There are a couple of reason to think so-

  1. If we take a look back at Alabasta, Luffy fought Crocodile a total of 3 times. Crocodile was Luffy’s first big-name pirate that he took out. He was a Warlord who had to be beaten to save the country.
    If we come back to Wano, the circumstances are extremely similar to ignore. Kaido is the first Emperor that Luffy had planned to defeat and to save a country, he needs to beat Kaido.
  2. The timing of the fight is also something we have to take into consideration. The Raid on Onigashima started at midnight. Currently, we can see that it is almost dawn, both the dawn of the day and the dawn of Wano. There isn’t much time left for any more rounds. Onigashima is getting closer and closer to the mainland which leads me to believe that the 3rd round will be the final fight.

I expect Luffy to make a full recovery in the short amount of time he has while preparing a possible new move using Conqueror’s Haki. Kaido getting weaker after Luffy’s fight further reinforces this theory.

Yamato VS Kaido

Clearly, Yamato has some serious issues with Kaido. He has gone as far as to chain her so that she cannot leave Wano. Yamato is serious about cutting off their relationship as father and daughter. Based on the current direction of the story, it is only right of us to expect a Kaido and Yamato flashback. Maybe we will finally learn who Yamato’s mother is. Maybe we will learn more about Yamato’s transformation or a possible devil fruit.

The results of this fight are obvious seeing as it is either Luffy or Zoro who will have to land the final blow on Kaido. Yamato might put up a fight and injure Kaido a bit more making it easier for Luffy to defeat Kaido.

Is Sanji Commander Level?

Finally, the big question in the title – Is Sanji indeed capable of taking down Queen by himself. While his newest move may seem very powerful, we see Queen just get up and get back into the fight without taking much damage. His “cyborg teeth” broke but other than that he seems to be fine.

If we take a look at his fights against Page One and X Drake, in both fights he seems to using powerful moves with his Raid Suit too. But given the high defensive abilities of an Ancient Zoan user, it barely did any damage to them. He was able to temporarily knock them out at best.

Now Queen is an All-Star for a reason. His strong Haki coupled with his Brachiosaurus devil fruit make it almost impossible for Sanji to get any serious damage in. Keep in mind that we haven’t seen Queen use his hybrid form yet which will further boost his combat abilities. We also have to consider other weapons he might be hiding under that fat belly of his.

I think the only way for Sanji to beat Queen would be to get some massive power-ups during his fight. We might see him figure out and master all the abilities of his Raid suit making him much stronger than before. I believe that Sanji’s Diable Jambe Flames will finally evolve. Blue flames are hotter than red flames. This is a well-known scientific fact. Marco’s phoenix fruit gives him the ability to produce blue flames. Putting two and two together we can predict that Marco might help Sanji boost his overall offensive power while healing him with his Pheonix Flames, making an ultimate move for Sanji by the end of Wano.

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