One Piece Chapter 1014: Is Kin’emon Really Dead?

Kinemon smashed by Kaido's Conqueror's haki coated Kanabo

The Ham – One Piece chapter 1014 – is out. Just when we thought things were going good, Oda delivered a massive blow to us in the form of 2 possible deaths. Kaido knowing something about Joy Boy and Momonosuke’s headaches makes me want to travel in time to read the next chapter already.

Luffy might have some new tricks up his sleeve *but we can only see those if he is rescued*. One Piece chapter 1014 also has vague hints towards a possible new Chopper transformation. However, the most discussed thing from the chapter has to be Kin’emon’s fate!

An overall very interesting chapter that makes us rethink a lot of things that we thought we had a good idea about.

Kaido vs Luffy: The Joy boy reference

The chapter continues of from the last panels of 1013, with Kaido disappointed in Luffy. He confirms that Luffy indeed “infused himself” with Conqueror’s Haki. Luffy had newly learnt this power in the midst of battle and was still not proficient at it. He mocks Luffy’s move, calling it “Gomu Gomu no …?”.

Kaido mocking Luffy’s signature “Gomu Gomu no … ” might be a reference to a new move that Luffy had used. But due to his limited time after learning how to coat blows with Conqueror’s Haki, it did not cause enough damage disappointing Kaido. Kaido’s previous words seemingly point towards this – “But your use of it was Crude and Clumsy!!”. Further into the series, we might see Luffy learn how to use Conqueror’s Haki with his Gears making him a truly formidable force to reckon with.

We see a splash showing that Luffy did indeed fall into the sea while Kaido says that Luffy couldn’t be a Joy Boy either.

These lines make us rethink about who or what Joy Boy actually is. Previously we thought that Joy Boy was a person from the Void Century, but not it seems like it might be a title of some sort. King Neptune says to Robin, that “someone” will come along and fulfil Joy Boy’s promise. It might be another Joy Boy. As for how Kaido knows about Joy Boy, we can only assume that his years under Rocks and his long rule over Wano have led to some interesting discoveries.

Bao Huang notifies Kaido that she has found Momonosuke’s location and Kaido tells her to announce the results of his fight against Luffy.

Luffy falls into the sea in one piece chapter 1014. Kaido knows something about Joy Boy

Can Chopper beat Queen?

Meanwhile, we see Chopper in his Monster point grabbing Queen’s neck and flip him over onto the ground, with Chopper wheezing and growing tired. An unaffected Queen makes fun of Chopper for being unable to even pose a threat despite him giving his best.

We see Perospero shooting Candy Arrows. Many of them have already hit Chopper’s back and many other samurai. He had already beaten Carrot in Chapter 1006 and has headed into the main battle. From the state of the battle it seems that Nekomamushi hasn’t reached him yet.

We see Chopper’s memory, of him talking to Caesar about his Rumble Balls. Caesar makes fun of Chopper for calling it a drug and redesigns it to make it last for 30 minutes with some added risks. Chopper is worried about staying in monster point any longer than 3 minutes. We see Chopper is strong enough to hold off or at least distract 2 commander level opponents – Queen and Perospero.

His major weakness in not having Haki is obvious here as Queen is shrugging off all his attacks like they are nothing. Does he go out of control after 1 use of this new rumble ball? He might lose control and go berserk like he did back in Enies Lobby.

Alternatively, he might lose his devil fruit powers temporarily or may reduce his life span. Previously, we had seen that using Monster Point for 3 minutes already made Chopper unable to move for a few hours. This might be much more severe than that.

Caesar also mentions something about Chopper holding his looks precious to him. This might suggest an even more powerful and monstrous form.

The fight rages on as Queen uses a move called “Black Coffee” and Perospero readies another shot of arrows.

Bao Huang interupts the fight and scatters all the “Marys”, Kaido’s personal surveillance force to begin her announcement of Luffy being defeated and his “corpse” being dropped into the sea. Kaido is willing to accept their surrenders and will allow them to join his crew. This is news is broadcast throughout the castle shocking all of his allies. We are shown a panel of Luffy drowning underwater.

Chopper VS Queen. Caesar remakes rumble balls.

What is going to happen to the Akazaya Nine?

We see Yamato rampaging on the 3rd floor of the castle in One Piece chapter 1014. Her “shackles” have come off and shouts that she is Oden. At the same time, on the 1st-floor attic, we see Momonosuke reading Oden’s journal stating he cannot afford to die. He hears a voice in his head, causing him to get a headache and react similiar to when Zunesha spoke to him on Zou.

Roger and Oden’s reactions to Sea Kings is also similar to this. Momonosuke hears something from the voice that he wants everybody to know about, but it is unknown to us.

Momonosuke reads Oden's journal and hears voices in his head.

We see Kanjuro approach the ladder to the attic with a scary grin on his face. Momonosuke tells Kinemon that he must tell everybody something before he is cut off by “Oden” climbing up into the attic. Kiku notices that it is Kanjuro trying to trick them again and proceeds to attack him.

Kanjuro reminds Kiku that “he” was the one who took her and Izo in after they were separated from their parents. This causes Kiku to falter and hold back for a moment, where Kanjuro ends up stabbing her. Kiku seemingly dies in Kinemon’s arms with her last words being that she can see Wano’s “hour of dawn” nearing.

An enraged Kinemon ends up slicing Kanjuro in half. Kanjuro states that he finds his end at the hands of Kinemon is perfect as on the “stage” they were best friends.

Oden re-appears? Kiku dies. Kinemon kills Kanjuro in One piece chapter 1014

Are they really dead?

We see Kaido breaking the wall behind Kanjuro and entering the attic. Kaido raises his kanabo to attack them. Kinemon tries to defend with his swords and asks Shinobu to run away with Momonosuke. Kaido’s Conqueror’s Haki coated strike seems to have smashed Kinemon into half. This may show that he wants to end the fight as soon as possible as he might have taken a lot of damage in his fight against Luffy.

One Piece chapter 1014 ends in the worst way possible, as Momonosuke shouts out Kinemon’s name and the floating island of Onigashima looms over mainland Wano. We see another clear image of the giant sword.

Kaido smashes Kinemon to death. Onigashima is above Wano mainland.

It is very unlike Oda, but we apparently got three character deaths in one chapter. Are they really dead? Or did they manage to survive somehow. Kanjuro and Kiku seem done for. And looking at the panel, Kin’emon seems to have been crushed to a pulp. This has also prompted some fans to bring back the famous Kin’emon lower half scene from Punk Hazard, saying Oda foreshadowed Kin’emon’s end all along. Very funny indeed.

It is hard to say if they would survive. Kin’emon atleast seems to have a role to play in the story going forward. He has been almost a father figure to Momonosuke. Losing him at this stage is surely going to be hard for him. Well, all we can do is wait for the next chapter. And yes, I have some predictions for what will happen in chapter 1015, probably!

Final Predictions

Luffy and Momonosuke

Right now, there seems to be no one in the crew, free enough to go save Luffy. Sanji has escaped from Black Maria so there is a small possibility that he saves Luffy. But a more likely thing to happen would be for Zunesha or the Neptunians to come save Luffy. This may be the cause of the voices inside Momonosuke’s head. And he might have wanted to let everyone know that backup had arrived. The Straw Hat Grand Fleet following Luffy’s burning Vivre Card might also be a possibility.

Another possibility would be that Momonosuke heard Oden’s voice through the book. We see that Kaido notices Oden’s presence in Enma multiple times during the fight. Oden’s will might have been acquired by the blade, and we can only assume that this is how a Black Blade is made. This sort of thing might have happened to the book too. Momonosuke heard Oden’s voice in his head, giving him some important information that should be shared with everyone.

Super Giant Chopper

Chopper is severely handicapped in his fight against Queen. Queen’s ancient Zoan makes his very tough already. That coupled with “commander level” armament would make Chopper’s blows be like an ant biting a giant. Now we get to the theorizing. You see how Chopper seems to be worried about the side effects of the new Rumble Ball. I think it will make him go Super Giant. Like Sanjuan Wolf level supergiant. Here’s why –

  1. Notice how Caesar calls monster point “Gigantification”. Caesar worked on gigantification for a long time and did make some good progress. He can easily buff up the “elements of gigantification” in Chopper’s Rumble Ball in return for increasing its time limit.
  2. If we take a look at how the final fights against Blackbeard’s crew are set up, we see that there is no one in the same size class as Sanjuan Wolf. The only Straw Hat we know that can effectively change their full body structure completely is Chopper. After the time limit, Chopper might grow really big. REALLY BIG. and loses control. So while he can easily wipe out Queen in that form, he is worried that he might hurt his comrades too.

Or maybe… Just maybe he might awaken Armament Haki mid-battle. We don’t know how exactly armament is learnt, but seeing as Observation and Conqueror’s Haki are usually awakened this way it is only right of us to assume that Armament works the same way. Of course, it wouldn’t be very strong, but Chopper might slowly be able to chip away at Queen’s defence.

Fate of the Azakaya Nine

From the look of things, it seems that all of the Azakaya Nine might end up dead if not for most of them. With 3 out of the 9 seemingly dying in just one chapter, things are looking grim for the others. If we take a look at the legends of Yamato no Orochi, we learn that every time the monster came, one person died.

Orochi’s 8 heads may be showing us that 8 of the 9 will end up dying by the end of Wano. *No, I am not crying. You are.* Here is a fun article about the Nine Shadows and their relation with the Azakaya Nine.

We can only wait for Chapter 1015 to confirm our predictions, and till then *please read our other articles* . Shhh. Don’t tell anyone that I said that.

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