Official Hindi Translation Of A Cells At Work Chapter On COVID-19 Released On YouTube

The Anime Manga Official YouTube Channel has the chapter available for a limited period of time.


On November 18th, 2021, the Japan International Cooperation Agency revealed to ANN that it translated and created the Hindi versions of Akane Shimizu’s Cells at Work! (Hataraku Saib) manga’s new “COVID-19 vaccination” chapter in motion comic style (with added sound effects). The Hindi version of the video is now available on Anime Manga Official.

In the midst of the global pandemic, KODANSHA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, has published two new episodes of the popular anthropomorphic manga, Cells at Work!

These two chapters will be reconstructed as a motion comic (with background music and sound effects) and translated into English and Hindi for free worldwide distribution with the help of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency).

The specials were made by the Anime Manga Official team to express their gratitude to all of the front-line medical workers fighting the illness and to increase global understanding of the new coronavirus. We think that by combining our efforts, we as humans will be able to combat this pandemic.

The channel says it’s available globally ever since October 29th, 2021 but only for a limited period of time (until June 2022).

Special episode “Novel Coronavirus(नए कोरोना वायरस)” (By: Akane Shimizu) © Akane Shimizu / Kodansha

What happens to the body when it becomes infected with the novel coronavirus? This narrative demonstrates how white blood cells, red blood cells, and all other immune system cells guard the body and combat the virus, disclosing its mechanisms and spreading understanding.

Special episode “नए कोरोना वायरस संक्रमण की रोकथाम(Preventing Novel Coronavirus Infection)” (Manga by: Meku Kaire, Supervised by: Akane Shimizu) © Akane Shimizu, Meku Kaire/ Kodansha

Wearing a mask, cleaning your hands, and avoiding the Three Cs (Closed Spaces, Crowded Places, Close-Contact Conversations) all contribute to keeping the body safe. This is an essential episode about infection prevention as seen through the eyes of our cherished cells.

In partnership with the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the National Center for Global Health and Medicine, the ICheck home COVID-19 detection kit programme, and the AnyMind technology firm, Kodansha also developed the film in English and Japanese.

The original manga ended on January 26 with the “new coronavirus disease (COVID-19)” chapter as its last chapter, whereas the “COVID-19 vaccination” chapter is a whole new chapter, supervised by Shimizu and drawn by Kairemeku.

Shimizu debuted the original Cells at Work! manga in the March 2015 issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine. The manga is published in English by Kodansha Comics. In July 2018, the first television anime adaptation of the original manga debuted. The second season debuted earlier this year on January 9, along with the anime adaptation of the Cells at Work! Code Black offshoot manga.

The Synopsis of Cells at Work according to MAL is as follows:

Inside the human body, roughly 37.2 trillion cells work energetically 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Fresh out of training, the cheerful and somewhat airheaded Sekkekkyuu AE3803 is ready to take on the ever-so-important task of transporting oxygen.

As usual, Hakkekkyuu U-1146 is hard at work patrolling and eliminating foreign bacteria seeking to make the body their new lair. Elsewhere, little platelets are lining up for a new construction project.

Dealing with wounds and allergies, getting lost on the way to the lungs, and bickering with similar cell types, the daily lives of cells are always hectic as they work together to keep the body healthy!

Source: Anime Manga Official’s YouTube channel via ANN

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