Oda Reveals He Is Surprised At Knowledge Of One Piece YouTubers

He admitted that their predictions on future can be completely on the mark.

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Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece manga, revealed in a recent Q&A that he is surprised at the knowledge of One Piece Youtubers.

“I know of them, and I have seen some videos here and there. I’m surprised at how knowledgeable everyone is,” Oda said.

The Q&A section was published in the manga’s 101st compiled volume. Oda further added that he makes it a point to not watch these Youtube channels because they can accurately predict the future events. As a matter of fact, a while back he said some fans have already figured out what One Piece is.

“Their predictions of future events can be completely on the mark, so I make sure not to watch them,” he said.

Volume 101

Expanding on it, Oda said that a 100+ volumes series need constant thrills and surprises for keeping the fans excited. The mangaka admitted that he might feel tempted to abridge or omit explanations if he paid close attention to the personal views of mega-fans.

That is why he went on to say that he creates the series for readers who can interact with it on any level.

Even though Oda is not ready to follow any fan-theory YouTube channels, he has fairly promoted the “Nakama ga Iru Tube” programs, which feature prominent One Piece fan YouTubers, on the official One Piece YouTube channel.

The 101st volume of One Piece released in Japan on Friday, Dec 3, 2021.

Commemorating the release of the 100th compiled book volume of the manga, a newspaper advertisement revealed a photo of Oda drawing at his workspace with the words, “The story is in the final stage. (物語 は 終盤 で す)” back in September.

Oda previously said in an interview in August 2020 that he plans to end the story in four or five years.

Source: ANN

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