New Ultraman Movie To Be Inspired By Manga & Anime, Says Netflix

Netflix will be the delivery partner of the movie.

The streaming giant Netflix tweeted about the new Ultraman movie saying it’ll be inspired by the anime, manga and the original series.

The movie will be made using 3DCG technology in anime style. As displayed in the feature image above.

The movie is produced in collaboration between Tsuburaya Productions and visual effects company Industrial Light and Magic. Whereas, Netflix will be the delivery partner of the movie.

The story of the new Ultraman film is described as follows:

The film will follow Ken Sato, a superstar baseball player who returns to Japan to become the latest hero to carry the mantle of Ultraman. His plans go awry, however, when he is compelled to raise a newborn kaiju monster — the offspring of his greatest enemy — as his own child. Sato will also have to contend with his relationship with his estranged father and the schemes of the Kaiju Defense Force.

The Ultraman manga began in 2011 and has sold approximately 2.8 million copies up to 2018. Tsuburaya Productions launched an anime series which adapted the manga in 2019 on Netflix.

Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump has mentioned Ultraman as an inspiration on his work. Even the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Ant-Man director, Peyton Reed has also cited Ultraman as an influence for Ant-Man‘s costume.

Source: NetflixGeeked Twitter

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