New Teaser Trailer Released For Farewell My Dear Cramer Anime

The anime is an adaptation of manga by Naoshi Arakawa, the creator of Your Lie In April

Naoshi Arakawa’s ‘Farewell, My Dear Cramer’ (Sayonara Watashi no Cramer) manga released a teaser trailer and a visual for the anime on Friday. The trailer and the visual were released on the official website of the project.

There are two timelines shown in the teaser trailer. One of them is second year of middle school and the other one is first year of high school.
Both anime film and anime tv adaptations are included in the project. Both of them will debut in April 2021 in Japan.

The movie will adapt Arakawa’s previous ‘Sayonara, Football’ manga which followed Nozomi in Junior High School. The title of the movie is ‘Eiga Sayonara Watashi no Cramer First Touch’.

The manga is described by the company as follows:

With no soccer accomplishment to speak of during the entirety of Sumire Suo’s junior high school years, the young wing gets an odd offer. Suo’s main rival, Midori Soshizaki, invites her to join up on the same team in high school, with a promise that she will never let Suo “play alone.” It’s an earnest offer, but the question is whether Suo will take her up on it. Thus the curtain opens on a story that collects an enormous cast of individual soccer playing personalities.”

The cast of for the anime is as follows:

  1. Nozomi Onda is voiced by Miyuri Shimabukuro.
  2. Sawa Echizen is voiced by Shion Wakayama.
  3. Tetsuji Yamada is voiced by Kouki Uchiyama.
  4. Kaoru Takei is voiced by Ryota Ohsaka.
  5. Junpei Onda is voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi.
  6. Kozo Sameji is voiced by Koji Yusa.
  7. Yasuaki Tani is voiced by Shimba Tsuchiya.

The manga is being digitally released simultaneously with its Japanese release by Kodansha Comics. Kodansha is also planning to release the manga in print.

The distribution of anime is being done by Toei. Natsuko Takahashi is the script writer. The anime is being directed by Seiki Takuno at Liden Films.
The manga was launched by Arakawa in May 2016. On June 17, the 12th volume of the manga was published by Kodansha.

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