Netflix Japan Anime Promises ‘Not To Make Anyone Angry’ With New Support Team

Netflix JP Anime want their audience to enjoy the anime culture in "good faith" without strucking another chord.

On Friday, 18th June Netflix Japan Anime posted an important notice regarding their future plans of engagement with their followers, introducing the “Netflix Japan Anime Support Team”.

According to the notice, Netflix JP Anime has formed the ‘Support Team’ with 3 personnels namely: Employee K, Inubyori and Tottoko Lancer. A brief description of their overall anime knowledge and interest is mentioned in the bulletin.

Moreover, these members of the new Team will look after future engagements with their followers when new titles get added or when a title becomes popular. The Support Team will focus on 5 aspects to not “displease” their audience.

  1. To always keep in touch
  2. Allow hyped discussions about mostly watched anime
  3. Make it possible for followers to enjoy the series with full enthusiasm
  4. Make posts for followers that will please them
  5. Almost not displease the followers with their actions
  6. Thinking of interesting manual replies and encourage with new events projects

As a self-introduction and to promote these new members, they shared “Favourite Anime Profile Cards”. Along with Employee K, Inubyori and Tottoko Lancer, they also shared V-tuber N-Ko’s anime interests.

Netflix also provided templates for the Twitter followers to share common anime titles as a gesture of encouragement.

In the upcoming posts, Netflix JP Anime will use this Support Team quite frequently to increase the interest in anime worldwide without “making anyone angry” and they want their audience to enjoy the culture in “good faith”.

Source: Netflix JP Anime Twitter