Natsuki Hanae Thought He’d Die Recording Tanjiro’s Fight In Entertainment District Arc

Hanae was recounting his experiences at the AnimeJapan 2022 special stage.

Natsuki Hanae

At the special stage for Koyoharu Gotouge’s Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba at AnimeJapan 2022, Natsuki Hanae, the voice actor of protagonist Tanjiro Kamado, revealed that he thought he would die due to the difficult recording sessions in one of Tanjiro’s fights.

“The post recording was so hard every week I thought I would die, ” Hanae said, looking at the fight in Episode 10 of the Entertainment district arc, which involved Uzui Tengen, Tanjiro and Gyutaro.. “Everyone was screaming all the time, it was amazing.”

Uzui’s voice actor Katsuyuki Konishi, who was also a part of the special stage at AnimeJapan 2022, too revealed that the recordings required a lot of physical work and was hard work. The actor added that he ended up getting goosebumps and crying while watching the scene on air.

“The recording required a lot of physical strength and was very hard work, but I enjoyed the clash with the Gyuutaro,” Konishi said. “I got goosebumps watching the scene on air. It had been a long time since I cried in a scene that was not a moving scene.”

While watching the clip involving Daki from Episode 6 of Entertainment district arc, Hanae talked about the Miyuki Sawashiro (who voices Daki in the anime).

“To put it bluntly, I was really scared of Ms. Sawashiro. We were recording next to each other, and I could feel the pressure directly from her. ” Hanae said. “The pressure was directly conveyed to me, and I felt pressure from within myself. I felt like I had to do my best.”

He also commented on Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke fighting together in episode 8 of the anime, saying he was moved.

“There are not many scenes in the anime where the three of us fight together. I was moved to see the three of us fighting together like this,” the voice actor said.

According to Hanae, the Demon Slayer Corps fought by connecting the thoughts and feelings of people. Similarly, the Demon Slayer anime too is made possible because of the thoughts and feelings of many people. Hanae said that he would accept these thoughts and feelings and continue to do his best to voice Tanjiro.

“I will continue to accept everyone’s thoughts and feelings and do my best as Tanjiro to defeat [Kibutsuji Muzan]”, he added at the end.

Along with Hanae and Konishi, the stage event was also attended by Akari Kito (Nezuko Kamado), Hiro Shimono (Zenitsu Agatsuma) and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Inosuke Hashibira). The voice actors recounted their experiences from recordings, as clips from Season 2 played on the big screen.

Source: Comic Natalie, Mantan Web

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