NANA Hiatus Will Continue Says Ai Yazawa

"It's been a long time since NANA went on hiatus. I am sorry that I still cannot restart the serialization", says Ai Yazawa

Nana Anime

Ai Yazawa recently gave an interview to Kadokawa Media Factory‘s magazine Da Vinci. While talking to the interviewer she said, “It’s been a long time since NANA went on hiatus. I am sorry that I still cannot restart the serialization“.

She further added that she is grateful to the fans for their support and apologized for NANA‘s continuing hiatus.

She continued, “Even within these circumstances, the fact that I can hold an exhibit (art exhibit held by Da Vinci in Tokyo) and be featured in Da Vinci like this is only possible because of all the readers who have continued to love my works. I am truly grateful to you all. Also, for those of you wondering, ‘Who’s Ai Yazawa?’ it would make me so happy if this got you interested. I’ve been putting as much as I’m capable of into the exhibit, so I hope you can enjoy it.

The NANA manga was originally launched by Ai Yazawa in 2000 and was published by Shueisha’s Cookie magazine. It has been on hiatus since 2009 due to Ai Yazawa’s ill health. She was discharged from the hospital in 2010.

The manga is made available in North America by Viz Media. It has also received an anime series and two live-actions movies.

Ai Yazawa is famous for Paradise Kiss, Tenshi Nanka ja Nai, Neighborhood Story, and Last Quarter manga series.

Source: Official Website Ai Yazawa, Manga Mogura

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