My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission Film’s Trailer Teases New Theme Song

Asian Kung-Fu Generation, the 4-member band has contributed to everything from Naruto to Bleach, ERASED, Fullmetal Alchemist, and more, they will now form their first contract with "Hiroaca".

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Toho’s official YouTube account has officially released a new teaser trailer for the forthcoming My Hero Academia film “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE World Heroes Mission” on 16th June. The teaser revealed the theme song “Empathy” by Asian Kung-Fu Generation during the preview of the film.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation, the 4-member band has contributed to everything from Naruto to BleachERASEDFullmetal Alchemist, and more, will now form it’s first contract with “Hiroaca”.

The film will open in Japan on August 6. Original manga creator Kōhei Horikoshi will again serve as chief supervisor and original character designer.

In addition, theatergoers will receive a “Vol. World Heroes” bonus manga volume from a limited number of one million copies available. The exclusive manga volume will have cover art by author Kohei Horikoshi, design and setting illustrations, along with interviews with Horikoshi’s previous editors.

A from comment Asian Kung-Fu Generation was also released by Shueisha.

“Phrases like ‘Everyone is different and everyone is good” give us happiness but still it makes us concious about our personalities. Watching Deku and others’ growth I can see that not only do they have to face villains but also they have their own problems to face. We wrote this theme song as a courageous anthem for them. We are really glad to be a part of this grand movie.”

Furthermore, a Twitter post by @Shonen Jump News-Unofficial also revealed the forthcoming My Hero Academia Season 5 2nd Cour OP&ED Information today morning.

The Opening of the 2nd cour of Season 5 will be “Merry-Go-Round” By Man with a Mission while Soushi Sakiyama is in charge of the Ending “Uso Janai”.

Source: Oricon

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