My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 24: Japanese Hero Billboard Introduces Hawks!

Hawks & Endeavor in My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 24

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the latest episode of My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 24, “Japanese Hero Billboard Chart” If you still haven’t watched the latest episode, you can watch it on Crunchyroll and Funimation! 

The latest episode of My Hero Academia transitions the series smoothly into a new arc while also trying to showcase the change in trends after the many surprising events that followed All Might’s retirement. The episode is a perfect balance of action and suspense as we get to see Hawks and some other heroes for the first time and also a visible change in attitude of Endeavor.

The best part about the episode is that it touches on a lot of small things, which could otherwise have been easily ignored, adding to the realism and the depth of the world that our protagonists live in. It also helps us connect better with the characters who unfortunately have much smaller roles. The best example we could give here is that of Kota who comes to visit U.A. High with the Wild Wild Pussycats in this episode. It’s pretty heartwarming to see how Kota idolizes Midoriya (to the point of buying similar shoes as his) and speaks of the impact our heroes have in their lives. 

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 24 review:

With “Japanese Hero Billboard Chart” My Hero Academia has started adapting the “Pro Heroes” arc from the manga. The episode begins with Midoriya and the others who were part of the Shie Hassaikai operation being informed by Aizawa that Eri will now be taken care of by U.A academy as she has no parents or close relatives and also due to the fact that her horn has begun to grow again, which means she could unknowingly end up causing problems without the right guidance. With Mirio Togata tasked with giving her company, the teachers at U.A will be able to look over her growth and help her control her immensely powerful quirk. Nejire, Uraraka and the others already consider her as a little sister and the dynamic is too interesting to ignore.

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In this episode My Hero Academia focuses the narrative on the question of who is the strongest as the heroes look forward to the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart. Class 1-A is visited by the Wild Wild Pussycats who tell them they are getting back into the thick of things and returning to work as heroes. They discuss the hero rankings and how the Kamino incident has caused major changes in the rankings.

In their discussion they throw some light on All for One, who supposedly still has quirks of many heroes hidden in him. He seems to be locked up and powerless for now, but there is this uneasy feeling in our minds that makes us question if we will be seeing All for One soon (even though we don’t want it)

The ranking systems have been referred throughout the anime with All Might being number one and Endeavor trailing him in second position. With All Might gone there were no surprises that Endeavor got to be number one, but clearly the task at hand seems quite difficult even for someone of Endeavor’s calibre. With All Might’s shadow still looming large, the new number one seemed to be trying his best to be the symbol of peace that he so desperately wanted to be.

As the rankings are announced we get to see some new heroes and most importantly the utterly brazen, laidback and intriguing Hawks. He steals the spotlight away from Endeavor during the announcement of rankings and then quickly aligns with him as he asks for his help to investigate the spotting of Nomus. Things get interesting from here as the League of Villains and their Nomus are back in focus. The rest of the episode focused on letting the viewers know more about Hawks’ way of working as he discussed his investigation of the Nomus with Endeavor. The dynamic between the two are worth watching and Hawks has some pretty interesting things to say about what his aims as a hero are.

The scene where Hawks helps out passers by and continues his conversation with Endeavor without batting an eye says a lot about the character. But then we have our doubts about his motives. Though he claims that he only wants to play sidekick to the number one hero, it is clearly possible that he is playing Endeavor. 

The episode then ends with a bang as a genetically modified Nomu comes out of nowhere and attacks the duo. Endeavor’s new suit is on display and we were quite captivated by it as it certainly seems to have boosted his abilities. The genetically modified Nomu is clearly Endeavour’s first real challenge as the number one hero that could make or break his status. We are pretty excited to see how the situation is handled by him.

Pro Hero Hawks In My Hero Academia
Those deep unsettling eyes

Japanese Hero Billboard Rankings is a perfect episode as far the openings of any arcs go. While managing to handle the transitions without any breaks, it introduced the characters which will most likely play an important role in the coming episodes and jumped straight to the action part, ending on a high note. 

There are many who would have expected the young heroes to have made an appearance in the rankings. Cliched animes would have the MC take up the baton already, but the character arcs in My Hero Academia are worthy of praise as they continue to handle a wide range of heroes and characters in the perfect way giving each one the perfect story and moment to shine. After their development in the second and third season, one could have expected Todoroki and Bakugo to easily be the leading students this season, but they were clearly overshadowed by the likes of Kirishima and Uraraka.

With the League of Villains seemingly done playing second fiddle and back to focus, we can’t wait to see what mischief they have planned this time around in the Pro Heroes arc. With interesting new characters, formidable foes and our young heroes in a prime period of their development, the Pro Heroes arc already has our hopes high, making us eager for what the show has in store for us. 

There is no doubt that My Hero Academia plans to end the season on plus ultra mode with outrageous action as the anime heads into what seems like a great fifth season ahead.

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