My Hero Academia Chapter 274: The Stage Is Being Set For Shigaraki vs Deku

Deku & Shigaraki in My Hero Academia Chapter 274

The way the plot is progressing, you’d suspect that we are already in the final arc of My Hero Academia. In our previous post, we had speculated that the face-off between Deku and Shigaraki, the boss fight, won’t be happening anytime soon. However, with the heightened conflict and Deku’s actions combined from the recent chapter, it seems like the stage is being set by Kohei Horikoshi for All For One vs. One For All.

In Chapter 274 of My Hero Academia Endeavor has engaged Shigaraki in a one on one fight, realising that he shouldn’t be allowed to take any step further. Keeping a safe distance, the current Number One Hero tries to engulf Shigaraki in flames, using Hell’s Curtain. However, even after being burnt badly, Shigaraki is able to regenerate thanks to All For One. 

As fight rages on between the two, Shigaraki slowly gains the upper hand, as he is able to counter Endeavor’s attacks easily using different quirks which All For One collected. But, even with this new found power that he was reborn with, Shigaraki is not satisfied.

Shigaraki is dissatisfied even after getting All For One

From what we saw in the fight, Shigaraki has indeed mastered the use of AFO after going through four months of hell.

And just like One For All had it’s vestige and its will, All For One too seems to have an inner voice of its own. And this inner voice urged Shigaraki to go after the one thing that All For One sought to possess, but didn’t behave as he saw fit, the quirk “One For All”.

Using Rag Doll’s search quirk which AFO had stolen previously, Shigaraki is able to pinpoint where Deku is and heads towards him. Realizing that the situation is worse than what he had assumed, Endeavor asks the heroes who can float to create a wider perimeter and evacuate the citizens even further away from the city before Shigaraki makes contact.

Deku overhears this conversation over the comms and he is able to connect the dots and make out that  Shigaraki is after him. Realising that the evacuees will be in danger if Shigaraki catches up to him in his current location, Deku decides to make a run for it and moves away from the crowd, hoping that Shigaraki will follow him there.

Bakugou, the only other person who knows about One For All in the battlefield, decides to pair up with Deku and help him fend off Shigaraki. Deku relays his deductions about Shigaraki being after him to Endeavor leaving out the part about One For All and asks him to stay in touch on the private line.

Deku & Bakugou try to lead Shigaraki to a deserted area!

While we are pumped up about the next chapter, which will probably see Shigaraki arriving at Deku’s destination (unless Horikoshi has plans to take us by surprise), there is no way in hell that Deku and Bakugou stand a chance against Shigaraki. Let’s not forget that Gigantomachia will lay waste to the Liberation Army villa ad join up with Shigaraki soon, meaning the other pro-heroes will have their hands full and won’t be able to assist them.

All Might was at 100% when he stopped All For One at his peak. Deku can currently use upto 45% in spurts of Full Cowl. The hidden quirks within OFA might surface (especially float) and help him out a bit. But considering the situation, he is still a long way off from beating Shigaraki in a one for one battle. With the Endeavor and Bakugou helping out, they might be able to stall him enough until some sort of an error makes Shigaraki’s body malfunction (remember Dr. Garaki’s experiment was only 75% complete).

That said, it seems increasingly possible that this battle will act as a trigger event for Deku. He might have to witness the death of a friend (Uraraka? Some fans seem to be speculating so) or a mentor (Endeavor or All Might) which will lead him to have a grudge against Shigaraki and force him to work even harder to master One For All. If things proceed in such a way, then this arc will act as a prelude to a plot which will be even more darker and deeper than what we have seen so far!

We haven’t seen what happened to Ryuku, Aizawa, Present Mic and the others who managed to escape the hopital before Shigaraki’s decay wave hit. Their contribution, especially Aizawa’s will be crucial to turn the tide of the events.

With Bakugou tagging along with Deku to face Shigaraki, his life too is in danger. And watching Deku & Bakugou take off into the danger zone, there’s no way their pals from Class 1-A will hold back. The stakes are going to get higher in the coming chapters. Horikoshi is surely cooking up something awesome here and we certainly can’t wait to see how this mess will be resolved. Do heroes win eventually? We do hope they win.

What are your opinions about Shigaraki and Deku facing off? Does Deku have a chance to win? Let us know in the comments section!!

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