My Hero Academia Chapter 272 Reveals Shigaraki’s Crazy Destructive Power

Tomura shigaraki quirk reveal

Shigaraki Tomura being revived and Gigantomachia standing up after sensing his master’s powers in the previous chapter pointed to the bad things that were set to follow for the heroes. And our fears came true, as Chapter 272 of My Hero Academia, titled “Good Morning”, revealed the extent of destructive powers that Shigaraki now posseses.

Shigaraki’s quirk Decay had already evolved after he broke free from his shackles in the fight against Re-Destro and the Meta Liberation army in Deika city. However, after undergoing the Doctor’s (Daruma) special surgery, Tomura has gained powers beyond imagination.

As soon as he snaps out of his deep slumber, Tomura unleashes his even more enhanced Decay quirk disintegrating the hospital and the surroundings within moments. If not stopped, the decay would consume and destory the whole city in no time. However, the heroes who are supposed to come up with a plan to stop the disintegration, are anxiously escaping from the decay, which is even spreading to things Shigaraki has not even touched.

Shigaraki destroys the whole city in My Hero Academia Chapter 272
The destruction caused by Shigaraki

Frankly they don’t have any other option right now. Running away and not throwing away their lives foolishly is the best choice.

From the looks of it, the heroes on the frontlines have sustained major losses. The heroes inside the hospital who were not picked up by Dragoon Hero Ryukyu or without the ability to escape Shigaraki’s decay are probably dead. Aizawa would have been done for too, if Shield Hero Crust had not sacrificed his life to save him. Seeing him bow out with a smile on his face was a hard to digest. Hero X Less who was with Shigaraki when he awakened could probably be a goner too, however, his status has not been confirmed yet. The Heroes who were helping the citizens escape and had to stay back in the city are in grave danger too, especially Space Hero Thirteen and Pixie-Bob from Wild Wild Pussycats who was last seen facing the decay.

With the destructive Decay, coupled with the quirk All For One that Shigaraki was revealed to have, the leader of League of Villains is now a very formidable foe, literally a distruction incarnate.

Shigaraki has risen to a power level which is hard for heroes to even fathom. The need to stop Shigaraki now is more important than it ever was because, in his current state, his goal of destroying the whole society seems like child’s play. Even the vestige of the first user of One For All warns Deku that Shigaraki is now a transcendent one, who has been freed from the shackles of humanity.

Shigaraki is called the transcendent one by OFA vestige in My Hero Academia Chapter 272
Vestige of OFA users telling Deku Shigaraki is coming

However, the question here is, how do the heroes stop him. Armed with All For One, Shigaraki literally has quirks which would let him counter whatever the heroes throw at him. Remember AFO at Kamino, without All Might, the heroes would have lost then and there.

The situation looks bleak. Deku has upped his One for All Full Cowl to 45 percent but we don’t think he can maintain it for long. He hasn’t been able to master or even unlock the other quirks that came with One for All other than the Black Whip. Burnin is trying to establish connection with Endeavor in vain. Most of major heroes on the front lines are dead or MIA. Also we should not forget that Gigantomachia might go on a rampage soon.

If fans are hoping for Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki to combine and take down Shigaraki, then it will be a poor way to end an arc which is at its pinaccle right now. Some might argue that Kohei Horikoshi has written himself into a corner. Barring a miracle or a very clever plot twist, this fight belongs to the villains. But then, the current saga in My Hero Academia is called the Rise of the Villains Saga and rightly so, the victory in this should belong to them.

The battle next week is going to be hard. As the Doctor says, everything the hereos have built is at stake. We are excited, we are scared, but then what follows will be one hell of a chapter. Also, the chances of Japan turning into a society governed by Villains, with Heroes going underground does not seem far-fetched at this point.

What do you think of Shigaraki’s new destructive power? Can the Heroes win this battle. Let us know in the comments section below!!

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