My Broken Mariko Manga To Get Live-Action Film In Fall 2022

Mei Nagano will star in the forthcoming film as protagonist Shiino.

My Broken Mariko

Publishing giant KADOKAWA’s Comic BRIDGE announced on Friday, Jan 21, 2022, that the manga series My Broken Mariko will get a live-action film this fall. Mei Nagano will star in the forthcoming film as protagonist Shiino.

Yuki Tanada will be the director, and Kosuke Mukai will be in charge of the script with Tanada.

My Broken Mariko stars Mei Nagano

Waka Hirako‘s My Broken Mariko was serialized for four episodes in KADOKAWA’s Comic BRIDGE online from July to December 2019 as Hirako’s first serialization work. It received a lot of attention after its one-volume tankobon was published in January 2020.

The manga won the New Face Award at the 24th Japan Media Arts Festival’s Manga Awards in 2021.

Yen Press published the English edition in November 2020. The publisher explains the story as:

Shiino is an ill-tempered office assistant, but when her friend Mariko dies unexpectedly, she becomes determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Portraying the soulful connection between girls, this is a striking story of sisterhood and romance.

Message from Mei Nagano:

When I was offered the role of Shiino, I was very conflicted because it was a big challenge for me and I was so worried. But I decided to follow Director Tanada, who said ‘Let’s accept everything and overcome together.’ I love the worldview of My Broken Mariko. I have been captivated by it since the day I first read the original manga. I cherished that feeling, and with respect, I spoke out my dialogues from my heart, feeling my core getting hotter every day. I think you will be able to see me as I have never been before. I am looking forward to the completion of this film.

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