My Broken Mariko, Inu-Oh, Summer Ghost Claim Victory At Fantasia International Film Festival

The festival takes place from July 14 - August 3.

The 26th Fantasia International Film Festival of Montreal recently announced on Twitter that INU-OH movie, Summer Ghost film, My Broken Mariko live-action movie, and Kappei film have won Satoshi Kon Best Animated Feature award, a Special mention by Satoshi Kon Jury award, the Best Screenplay Award (Cheval Noir Competition), and the New Flesh Award for Best First Feature, respectively.

The festival is also screening the new Shin Ultraman film along with the Canadian premiere of Madhouse‘s Goodbye, Don Glees! an anime original film. It is also premiering the anime movie based on Nagabe‘s The Girl from the other side: Siuil, a run manga.

The festival takes place from July 14 – August 3.

Fantasia film festival is an international festival taking place in Montreal, Canada. It attracts movie fans all over the world and has garnered fairly good media coverage. It has also received a huge footfall of various famous celebrities including Hollywood and Japanese stars.

Source: Fantasia Twitter Account