MHA Chapter 325: The Public Comes Around!


MHA Chapter 324 ends at a high note which highlighted just how important everybody is in Deku’s ascension to becoming the best hero. With MHA Chapter 325, we finally see the public come to their senses, and Horikoshi sensei further reiterates the importance of class 1A with Deku. The last few chapters have been quite emotional, and this carries on the theme as we see Aizawa sensei after quite some time.

Let’s discuss MHA Chapter 325 in detail, shall we?

Iida’s interesting choice of words

Mineta, overcome with emotions wants to go give solace to Izuku. However, he gets held back by class representative Tenya Iida. He remarks that this isn’t their place while looking up at Uraraka. First of all, the understanding that has developed between 1A is always a pleasure to see. They’ve had their moments of trouble and fun, but situations like these further highlight their growth.

Iida holds back Mineta as Uraraka cries in MHA Chapter 325
Have you noticed how tired everyone looks?

Iida’s words can be taken two ways. One, he is talking about this is Uraraka’s time to show just how much she is devoted to helping Deku, and if that’s the case then props to Iida for being a great wingman! On the other hand, I think there might be more to it as well. Maybe Iida recognises the fact that right now, Deku doesn’t need solidarity from the heroes only. Its time the public steps up; the heroes have been by Deku’s side enough. Perhaps that’s another reason he stops Mineta from going to Deku.

While this may sound trivial, I felt these words held a lot of weight!

The public comes around

I am sure we all breathed a sigh of relief- finally the public seems to have come to their senses!

MHA Chapter 325 gave us what we had been waiting for. The public at UA finally realises just how much the heroes have gone through. Always assuming they were money hungry and taken for granted, Deku’s condition made them realise just how ignorant and prideful they sounded.

With this there is reiteration that heroism is still alive. The villains gave us a great perspective on how superficial the society is, and highlighted the human-ness of heroes, taking our focus away from the good the heroes had done.

But that being said, we cannot let the demonising of heroes get too far. They have “thrown away” everything they had, and made multiple sacrifices to protect the public. It is important to criticise, but that doesn’t mean we forget what the heroes have done for Japan. There is further emphasis on how the public is the “audience” in this play, doing nothing but merely watching.

A civilian asks others to think about how important heroes are to them in MHA Chapter 325

To finally acknowledge the importance of heroes for how defenseless the public is leaves you satisfied. With this, it looks like one big conflict is finally getting solved. Perhaps there will be more focus on the actual fight between with heroes and the villains. It is interesting to note how public opinion and their actions affect the hero community so adversely. The way these themes have been integrated constantly into MHA makes it a pleasurable read!

Deku’s reassurance: and what it means

Deku reassures a concerned civilian that he “is not alone”, and that he would do everything to make things back to what they were. Since Chapter 324, there has been emphasis on how the collaborative efforts`of everyone. Initially in the story, the theme was Deku becoming the greatest hero. But with MHA Chapter 325, the “we” is amplified even more. It is not just Deku’s battle anymore.

Hawks gives us another great perspective. He talks about how One for All is so much more than a quirk. It is the testament to the will to fight for Good. This further enhances the theme of togetherness that is crucial in the story now; everyone is “connected” (reminds me of Paths in Attack on Titan for some reason).

This connection, which ultimately means support and solidarity to the OFA holder, is what gives the said holder the motivation to keep going and be the Symbol of Peace.

Hawks talks about OFA and how it ties down to collaborative efforts

Good to see you, Shota Aizawa.

Aizawa sensei is arguably one of the best teachers in new generation shonen. His tough love along with his cool quirk has helped him gain lots of popularity. However, beneath that tough exterior and loads of sarcasm is a man with a warm heart. I am sure I say it for everyone that we all rejoiced seeing him again in MHA Chapter 325! Though missing an eye and a leg, we are just glad he is okay.

Immediately, he thinks of this students and praises Iida. Naturally, the conversation steers towards Kurogiri’s status, as he remains a pivotal point in Aizawa’s story arc. It does hurt seeing just how much Aizawa would give to have his friend back; it also makes us wonder if there is some big reveal coming via Kurogiri’s treatment. Is Horikoshi sensei going to drop another complex concept in the world of quirks?

Aizawa affirms his will about getting revenge. We know he feels strongly for UA and has a strong sense of justice. Seeing him ready to fight and get back the lives the society deserves sounds like a bugle for the commencement of the final fight.

Aizawa sensei says its time for revenge in MHA Chapter 325, showing UA's fighting spirit

There is also slight focus on the Todorokis and what they plan to do with Dabi, hinting that something about them will be coming up soon. There is no news about Toga’s whereabouts yet.

Will she pull some wild card move and become a big obstacle for the heroes? In the end, we see All Might standing in the rain, brooding on something. Regardless, the slow untangling and hinting at finale fights for characters only strengthens my view that soon the story will go into its final stage.

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