Me & Roboco Manga Gets Anime Film Adaptation; Reveals Teaser

Me & Roboco anime film

The official Twitter account of Me & Roboco announced on June 19, 2023, that the manga will be getting an anime film adaptation, which will release in Winter 2024.

A new teaser was revealed to commemorate the theatrical announcement.

Me & Roboco mangaka Shuhei Miyazaki has also shared his thoughts on the anime film adaptation, saying that he is extremely happy and thrilled regarding the news but at the same time don’t know any details, as he wasn’t made aware about the film’s decision beforehand.

A rough translation of his comment is given below:

Congratulations! It’s been decided that “Boku to Roboco” will be adapted into a movie!! I’m extremely happy, and the excitement is overwhelming! However, I don’t know the details because it was decided without me realizing it. Who could have made the brilliant decision to produce it?

I wonder if everything will be okay? Will everyone come to watch it? Who will come up with the story? I hope it’s not me! I’m filled with both anticipation and anxiety, feeling nervous and jittery. But I’m confident that it will definitely be interesting! Because even the anime version of “Boku to Rokobo” was only three minutes long, it had the same intensity as a 30-minute anime, and it was ten times more entertaining by simple calculation. And if we prepare two screens and show it simultaneously, the fun will double! Add in twice the usual number of jumps, and it’s already doubled!! And if we add in three times the usual amount of rotations…!!! Warsman will become a beam of 12 million power, piercing through everyone’s hearts. So, everyone, please look forward to the movie ‘Boku to Rokobo: Justice Superhuman vs. Warrior Superhuman’!

Me & Roboco anime film

Me & Roboco anime premiered on Dec 5, 2022. The series was produced by Gallop, and directed by Akitaro Daichi, with Michihiro Sato serving as assistant director, Sayuri Ooba overseeing the series’ scripts, and Yūko Ebara designing the characters.

Me & Roboco is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Shuhei Miyazaki. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2020. The series is published digitally in English language by Viz Media.

Source: Twitter

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