Me & Roboco Anime Drops New Trailer Revealing Main Cast

Me & Roboco anime will release in Japan on Dec 4, 2022. 


The official website of Me & Roboco anime revealed a new trailer on Nov 13, 2022. The trailer previews the theme song of the upcoming anime as well as revealed the voice of the main characters.

GANG PARADE performed the theme song ‘lol’.

The site also mentioned that the anime will not be having any opening or ending theme song as such, instead will only have a theme song.

Roboco escaped the crisis of not having an opening and ending theme song by having a 13-member idol group provide the theme song.

Newly announced cast and their comments include:

  • Shun Matsuo as Roboco
Roboco Cast 1


I had interviewed the original author, Mr. Shuhei Miyazaki, and I said to him at that time, “If you ever make an anime, please use me as a voice actor,” and it was really decided (laugh).
The postrecording was much harder than anything I had ever done before, but it turned out to be very good, with a dense and fast-paced atmosphere.
It’s going to be fun!

  • Minami Tsuda as Bondo Taira
Roboco Cast 2


I am Minami Tsuda, who plays Bond. I love gag cartoons and comedy, so I’m really, really happy! When I play Bond, I try to be kind-hearted and speak for the audience. Be sure to check out Roboco’s cuteness and hilarity packed into a few minutes!

  • Ryotaro Okiayu as Gachi Gorilla
Roboco Cast 3


I will be in charge of Gachigorilla. The power of the original work and the energy of director Daichi are exploding, so I hope the cast will not be outdone and go for it. This high tension will definitely get you hooked.

  • Shunsuke Takeuchi as Motsuo Kaneo
Roboco Cast 4


I am very happy to be involved as the voice of Motsuo in this surreal and parody-filled work, which is my favorite genre! I’m going to make Roboco look even more outrageous than she already is, and I’m going to make her happy.
I hope you will love Motsuo, who actually looks like a bad guy, but he’s not…well, neither.

  • M.A.O. as Madoka
Roboco Cast 5


I am M.A.O. and I will be playing the role of Madoka. She is very expressive and versatile. I will do my best to convey the charm of Madoka. I hope you will look forward to the start of the broadcast, as I am sure that this short anime will make you laugh again and again with its unique tempo. Please do enjoy the show!

  • Sae Hiratsuka as Meiko
Roboco Cast 6


Nice to meet you, I am Sae Hiratsuka!
I am truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in “Boku to Roboko” as Meiko.
“Boku to Roboko” is my debut work, so I will do my best with all my heart and soul so that everyone will be happy that Meiko is Sae Hiratsuka! I hope you will join me in loving the cute and mischievous Meiko, who smiles a lot, is pure, honest, and devoted to her master!

  • Kotono Mitsuishi as Bondo’s Mother
Roboco Cast 7


Since director Akitaro Daichi is working on a gag film, I was expecting to see what kind of funny things he would come up with. The animation went far beyond what I expected, and I was taken aback (laughs). I hope to play the role of a mom this time, and I hope I can swing it around so that I can boost the director’s enthusiasm!

Me & Roboco anime will release in Japan on Dec 4, 2022. Studio Gallop is in charge of animating the series.

The staff working on Me & Roboco anime include:

  • Director: Akitaro Daichi
  • Assistant Director: Michihiro Sato
  • Series Composition: Sayuro Ooba
  • Character Design: Yuko Ebara
  • Art Design: Manami Koyama
  • Sound Director: Kazuya Tanaka

Me & Roboco is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Shuhei Miyazaki. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2020, with its chapters collected into 9 tankobon volumes. The 10th volume will release on Oct 4, 2022.

The series is published digitally in English language by Viz Media.

MAL describes the plot of the manga as follows:

Robotic OrderMaids are popping up in every household, and 10-year-old Bondo Taira has found out that his two closest friends—Motsuo and Gachi Gorilla—have OrderMaids too. Motsuo, in particular, owns Meico, a beautiful robot that gives excellent massages and serves drinks with a smile. Jealous of his friend, Bondo convinces his mother to get him an OrderMaid, hoping for a similar experience.

However, to Bondo’s surprise, the maid that appears outside of his door is incredibly muscular and clumsy enough to destroy a house when completing simple chores. Going by the name Roboko, this new robot is the exact opposite of what Bondo wanted. But despite that, Bondo, together with his friends, learns that there is more to Roboko than they could ever expect.

Source: Official Website

© Shuhei Miyazaki/Shueisha, Me & Roboco Production Committee

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