Lonely Castle In The Mirror Anime Film Reveals English Dub Cast

The official Twitter account of GKIDS revealed the English dub cast of Lonely Castle In The Mirror anime film on June 7, 2023, prior to the limited screening of the film in select theatres in U.S. on June 21-22, 2023.

Lonely Castle In The Mirror English dub cast includes:

  • Micah Lin as Kokoro
  • Vivienne Rutherford as Wolf Queen
  • Giselle Fernandez as Aki
  • Huxley Westemeier as Rion
  • Zoe Glick as Fuka
  • Kieran Regan as Subaru
  • Adrian Marrero as Masamune
  • Riley Webb as Haruka
  • Michael Sinterniklaas as Ida sensei, Kokoro’s Father and Musamune’s Father
  • Stephanie Sheh as School Nurse, Fuka’s Mother
  • Ashley Boettcher as Moe Tojo
  • Cassie Glow as Miori Sanada
  • Julie Nathanson as Kokoro’s Mom, Piano Teacher
  • Anne Yatco as Musamune’s Mother, Rion’s Mother, and Subaru’s Grandmother
  • Frank Todaro as Aki’s Stepfather, Subaru’s Grandfather
  • Francesca Calo as Kitajima’s Co-Worker, Ureshino’s Mother
  • Sasha Yurchak as Chuta Ikeda

Additional voices includes:

  • Adrian Marrero
  • Anne Yatco
  • Ashley Boettcher
  • Cassie Glow
  • Francesca Calo
  • Frank Todaro
  • Giselle Fernandez
  • Julie Nathanson
  • Kieran Regan
  • Michael Sinterniklaas
  • Moira Rogers
  • Natalie Chan
  • Sabrina Glow
  • Sasha Yurchak
  • Stephanie Sheh
  • Vivienne Rutherford
  • Zoe Glick

Moreover, GKIDS also revealed an English dub trailer for the film.

GKIDS describes the plot of the movie as:

Shy outcast Kokoro has been avoiding school for weeks when she discovers a portal in her bedroom mirror. She reaches through and finds herself transported to an enchanting castle where she is joined by six other students. When a girl in a wolf mask explains that they have been invited to play a game, the teens must work together to uncover the mysterious connection that unites them. However, anyone who breaks the rules will be eaten by a wolf.

From acclaimed director Keiichi Hara (Colorful, Miss Hokusai) and based on the bestselling novel by Mizuki Tsujimura, Lonely Castle in the Mirror is a heartfelt drama about the pains of growing up and the unlikely bonds that can bring people together.

Lonely Castle In The Mirror

Lonely Castle In The Mirror premiered in Japan on Dec 23, 2022. A-1 Pictures was in charge of the film’s animation. 

Lonely Castle in the Mirror is a Japanese novel written by Mizuki Tsujimura, and published by Poplar Publishing in May 2017. A manga adaptation illustrated by Tomo Taketomi was serialized in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Ultra Jump from June 2019 to February 2022, with its chapters collected into five tankōbon volumes.

Source: Twitter