LiSA’s Fans Explode On Referring Suzuki’s Infidelity In A Comedy Skit

Knights commented on some of the infidelity scandals that populated the media during the year 2021.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki & Lisa Gurenge

In a special program aired during New Years in Japan, the manzai-style comedy duo, Knights (ナイツ), attracted numerous angry fans when they used LiSA‘s husband Tatsuhisa Suzuki‘s infidelity story in their comedy skit on Jan 1, 2022.

The third-party used the phrase “he already did some other nonsense” to hint at Suzuki’s character and his recent infidelity.

The term “ LiSAの旦那 (LiSA no Danna / Husband of LiSA) ” became a trend on social media in Japan after the duo’s performance.

LiSA no Danna

Both Tatsuhisa Suzuki and LiSA‘s fans outbursted finding the recovering couple back in the spotlight. Some of the tweets are as follows:

fan reaction 1

The tweet translates to:

 I saw that ‘LiSA’s husband’ was a trend and I wondered what it was. When I thought about it, I heard that it was used as a story in some comedy. Well, the right and wrong of infidelity is a matter between the people themselves, so I think third parties should shut up, but when you make a story of each person who has done something wrong, and you call it funny, you are saying: “There is no way that discrimination and harassment will ever end in this world.

fan reaction 2

The tweet translates to:

He didn’t want to be treated as LiSA’s husband because of his pride. But it’s an ironic ending that he messed up with a college student with his cock and was completely treated only as a LiSA’s husband.

Knights (ナ イ ツ) commented on some of the infidelity scandals not only related to the anime industry but the entire entertainment industry in general that populated the media during the year 2021.

Source: Yaraon!

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