KyoAni’s Tsurune Anime Returns For A Second Season

A new key visual along with new and returning cast members were released.

Tsurune: Tsunagari no Issha

The official website for Tsurune anime announced that the series will be getting a season season, which will release on January 2023. The second season will be titled Tsurune: Tsunagari no Issha (Tsurune: The Connecting Arrow)

A new key visual along with new and returning cast members were also released.

Tsurune Season 2 key visual

Jun Fukuyama, who previously voiced Yuta Togashi in Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, will join the cast of Tsurune as Eisuke Nikaido.

Yuto Uemura and Kensho Ono will reprise their roles as Minato Narumiya and Shu Fujiwara respectively in the anime. Takuya Yamamura will return to direct Tsurune Season 2 at Kyoto Animation.

Tsurune is a Japanese light novel series written by Kotoko Ayano, with illustrations by Chinatsu Morimoto. The first novel won a Special Judge Award in the Kyoto Animation Award competition in 2016, and was published by the studio in December of that year.

An anime television series adaptation premiered from Oct 22, 2018 to Jan 21, 2019 on NHK. The series was produced by Kyoto Animation.

It was directed by Takuya Yamamura, with Michiko Yokote handling the series’ scripts, and Miku Kadowaki designing the characters. Harumi Fūki composed the series’ music. The opening theme song was “Naru” by Luck Life, and the ending theme, “Orange-iro” by ChouCho.

Tsurune season 1 was simulcast by Crunchyroll. Sentai Filmworks has acquired the series for distribution in North America, Australasia, South America, and other territories.

An unaired 14th episode was screened at an event on March 3, 2019 and released with the first Blu-ray/DVD on May 1, 2019, with Crunchyroll later releasing it in English.

The plot of Tsurune is described as:

Minato Narumiya used to be in his middle school’s kyūdō club until a certain incident in his last tournament caused him to resolve to quit archery for good. When he attends high school, his childhood friends Seiya Takehaya and Ryōhei Yamanouchi try to rope him into joining the high school’s kyūdō club again, but he refuses. However, an encounter with a mysterious man at an archery range in a forest inspires Minato to take up archery once more. Minato joins the Kazemai High School Kyūdō Club and along with his old friends and new teammates, Nanao Kisaragi and Kaito Onogi, they aim for winning the prefectural tournament.

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