Konyara The Cat Returns In Studio Ghibli’s Latest TV Advertisement

Japanese food and pharma conglomerate, Nisshin Seifun Group, revealed a new TV advertisement, created by Studio Ghibli for them, on their official YouTube channel on Nov 28, 2022.

The ad features the cat Konyara and her three kittens Ko-Konyara, Kuroneko, and Buchi. Akiko Yano performed the song ‘Konyara to Gohan’ for the ad, with Katsuya Konda in charge of direction and storyboards.

This is fourth ad created by Ghibli for the conglomerate, with the third one having released 7 years ago.

Studio Ghibli had agreed to do advertisements for Nisshin Seifun Group as part of their 110th anniversary back in 2010. Kondo was in charge of directing the ad the first time, as he overlooked the studio’s attempt to produce an art style that is based on traditional Japanese brush painting, known as sumi-e. Goro Miyazaki was in charge of storyboards for the first ad.

Konyara, an original character, was created by Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki for this purpose and has featured in every ad made by them for the conglomerate till now.