Kodansha Puts Out 100-year-old Voice Note Of First President Seiji Noma

Seiji Noma, the first president of Kodansha said, "I want to become the world's number one magazine company."

On 21st June, the official Twitter account of Kodansha Ltd. released a voice video of the first president, Seiji Noma to celebrated the company’s 112th anniversary this year.

According to the video, the 30 years old president Seiji Noma stated:

“Everyday I think about different things especially about this publishing department,that we have expanded into the world. Japanese spirit, Japanese literature and Japanese art, I would like to introduce them to the world. I want to become the world’s number one magazine company. Under this dreamlike aspiration, we all will make serious efforts from this morning.”

The official account of Kodansha also posted a photo of the company building at the time of its founding on the 18th, saying, “It started from a rented house with a rent of 12 yen near the current Sendagi 3-chome, Bunkyo-ku.”

The Tokyo-based publisher had a recent brand update after over 100 years. The new identity and logo is themed around a fresh statement of purpose: inspire impossible stories.

Gretel’s work is reminiscent of art gallery or cultural institution branding, featuring an elegant new logo made up of intersecting lines in a square – a nod to the layout of comic book pages.

Seiji Noma founded Kodansha in 1909 as a spin-off of the Dai-Nippon Yūbenkai (Greater Japan Oratorical Society) and produced the literary magazine Yūben as its first publication. The name Kodansha (taken from Kōdan Club, a now defunct magazine published by the company) originated in 1911 when the publisher formally merged with the Dai-Nippon Yūbenkai. The company has used its current legal name since 1958.

Source: Oricon News, Kodansha Twitter

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